Nintendo Wii Controller Manufacturer's Profit Soars

It seems Nintendo isn't the only company reading numbers in the green. As reported by Reuters, Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd. recorded a jump of 14.9 for it's shares.

"Mitsumi, the maker of the Wii's trademark motion-detection controller, raised its net profit forecast for the year to March by 59 percent on Wednesday to 10.2 billion yen ($84.54 million)."

Mitsumi doesn't only make Wii components, it also works on DS accessories.

"Mitsumi, which also makes chips, sensors and cellphone camera modules, expects annual sales to hit 276 billion yen, topping its previous forecast by 15 billion yen, with about 9 billion yen from game components, it said."

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mellowspaz4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Figures when the remote sells for 40 dollars and nunchuck for 20 dollars. Nintendo may have the cheapest console but their controllers are priced too high, although they are the most advanced of the 3 consoles.

Baller444268d ago

i believe that it is kinda dangerous for small small children. if u will try to play boxing or tennis with the wii sports it will sometimes fall out of your hands and might hit your is kinda cool when you play games with the wii remote. but better with the nunchuck