Star Citizen Has Broken Its Yearly Crowdfunding Record Again in 2021; New Gravlev Bike Revealed

Star Citizen continues to break records and the end of 2021 marked another year of crowdfunding growth for Cloud Imperium Games.

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LordoftheCritics145d ago

That screenshot was a gift on the christmas event.

Backers gave Star Citizen millions
Star Citizen breaks new funding records
Star Citizen gifts screenshots to backers

Something is not right here.

notachance144d ago

me think this game will be cancelled the moment people stop funding it.

LordoftheCritics144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Theres no incentive to release the game.

They can extend the game development/crowdfunding for 20 years and the devs are hired and fed for that long.

The whales are happy, the devs are happy. Happiness all around.

This winter they only completed 3 of the 18 planned content updates. 3? 3!!!! out of 18

Si-Fly145d ago

Great news, Chris can afford the extension now, good job guys 👍🏻

ToddlerBrain145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

With so many backers, upon release, will there be enough players left to sell copies to? It seems like everyone who would want to play this game has backed it in some way.

lonewolf10145d ago

I'm waiting for S42, no interest in the main sim side and not backed a thing, think I am not the only one, but who knows how it will go.

IanTH145d ago

I am interested in the game, but I'm not interested in buying something like this early. Even with all their money, the feature creep and massive scope means a successful completed game is not a guarantee. I almost picked up a pack during the holiday when it was on sale, but opted not to in the end. So I think there will be some, but I've had the same thought. If they want to keep making money on this game, I can't help but fear gross MTX stuff is going to be stuffed into this game in the end.

I'll wait until it approaches at least a somewhat feature-complete - or at least more feature rich than it currently is - version of the game is available to play. Given they've been at this in some form for 9 years & they're still in alpha, I'm surprised they keep managing to make MORE money than they have in previous years. It's kinda nuts.

got_dam145d ago

The gross monetization is already in the game. They are selling ships for thousands. People are buying them. There is no way that doesn't continue and get much worse since they have seen that the people who support the game will keep throwing money at them.

IanTH145d ago


Yeah, I know about the absurd current monetization, but I imagine that'll only last so long. Very few people are going to be willing to spend thousands on a digital ship, and most of those are going to be purchased before the game launches. So I still think they're going to have to stuff the game with MTX - MICROtransactions - to make money off the common folk. They're gonna use up their whales pretty hard by the time the game actually least, I assume? lol

Noskypeno145d ago

@got it seems like this game is like a form of crypto or nft. I hate this generation, oh you made a million bucks on something that doesn't exist, good job, I guess. You lose that crypto card or harddrive and you'll never see that money unlike a credit card that stores the money in a bank just in case you accidentally lose the card. It's a sad world where a stupid picture of a cartoon monkey made in seconds can outsell a painting that took days to create.

MajorLazer145d ago


Seems like you just wanted to have a rant against Crypto and NFT. World moving too fast for you?

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Gamer79145d ago

It will probably be full of NFTs.

GhostScholar145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Does anyone realize that star citizen is the biggest scam in video game history? What level of nerd would back a game that should obviously be out by now?

antikbaka145d ago Show
Terry_B145d ago

A lot of us see it as a scam..for good reasons. However, the weekly news about one and another million record are getting posted here thanks to Nelva being Nelva anyway. No other game got so many articles on N4G than Star Citizen. And that while it is not even a beta.

GhostScholar145d ago

I mean what's left to do? Just release the damned thing and call it a beta like everyone else lol

ChubbyBlade145d ago

You can literally play it right now

dbcoops145d ago

You can play a buggy beta build right now. The same way its been for years.

144d ago
thejigisup145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Half a billion dollars later no full game
Edit: and just to put the numbers out there $426,747,295(amount of money from crowd funding) ÷ 3,5000,000 (accounts) comes to about $121.93 per account.
What game have you paid 120 dollars for and not received a full game?

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