MP1st's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2022

With 2021 in the rearview, it's time to look ahead towards 2022! Here are the MP1st staff's top 10 most anticipated games of 2022.

AKS636d ago

Is anyone except the author eagerly awaiting Hipster's Row? What a clownshow. I don't see those soy-infused characters winning a fight with a kid from a 7th grade wrestling team much less battling gangsters.


Starfield Originally Had More "Complex" And "Punitive" Punishing System In Place

But instead they opted to dial it down for the convenience of the players.

shinoff21832d ago

Ala dumbed it down for the masses. Hate when devs do that. You could tell in fallout 4. I got over 1k hours into it and enjoyed it but playing the older ones and comparing it definitely felt dumbed down

DaCajun16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

That's how i feel about all Bethesda games after Morrowind. I enjoyed that game because it was challenging. It was rewarding to level up, find better gear, and then be able to survive in tougher areas.

Oblivion enemies scale with the player and they just seemed dumbed down. After going into one Oblivion portal I never found any armor or weapons that was better than what i found there. I spent 90% of the game using that gear. It got very boring because it wasn't as challenging and the gear was almost all garbage which really didn't matter.

shinoff21833h ago

I never got to try morrowwind, if I'm not mistaken it was on og Xbox. Once my og Xbox gave me a dirty or damaged disc error on brand new games I went back to ps

porkChop16h ago

I can understand why they did it. Needing multiple suits for different environments, constantly getting afflictions from those harsh planets, having to keep tons of meds on hand for different afflictions, etc, could get very tedious and annoying over that many hours.

Though I think a compromise would be some sort of hardcore mode that adds some of that, but keep it dialed back enough that it doesn't ruin the experience.

Crows901h ago

Nonsense. It can get tedious if they just throw you into those systems...but if they leave the choice up to players with clear indications that perhaps theyre not ready for certain planets that wouldve worked very well.

Its lazy to claim...we had an advanced system but it would have been inconvenient for players.

dumahim1h ago

Those suit resistances don't seem to do much anyway. The starborn suit has probably better thermal resistance than I ever saw during my whole run through the first time. But I got to a planet, burns within a minute. Prognosis got worse a bit latter so I took some med to remove it. 30 seconds later, burned again.

SeTTriP2h ago

I'm pretty sure (after seeing the Xbox s/x sales) that this game was gimped for the series s.everything Bethesda promised would have been in the game if it wasn't for series s same with redfall.

XiNatsuDragnel2d ago

Cmon that's dumb my friend I like my challenge tbh.

gold_drake1d 19h ago (Edited 1d 19h ago )

but then thought

"meh all this depth to our game is too dumb and too difficult and too deep, lets dumb it down*

northpaws1d ago

Weaker AI, dumbed down system, 30fps, all design choices.

Brazz23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

And that's why Bethesda Will never again make a top tier RPG. Whenever they como UP with some " little more complex" and interesting mechanic, they will think about casuals and do something easy and "with no salt".

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rippermcrip16h ago

Christopher you forgot to pin this gem.

I mean how could you ever find this place? If only the game led you directly there or something.

Can we get some more articles like this?


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