10 Best PlayStation 5 Video Games You've Never Played

COG: While the list of fantastic PlayStation 5 titles continues to grow, there are some that have gone rather unnoticed. We've made a list of ten of the very best hidden gems for the PS5 that you've probably never even played.

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Magog145d ago

Nice to see Kena make the recommendation list. Not exactly a deep cut though.

anast144d ago

I'll probably pick up Pumpkin Jack soon.

Mr_Luke143d ago

Pumpkin Jack came out?? I forgot about it, good i checked the list! (while i don't like at all TemTem, i still prefer Pokémon)

VersusDMC143d ago

Kena is on that list but FIST isn't? Everyone knows about Kena.

FIST continues to be overlooked...

monkey602143d ago

That's actually quite a good list of games

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