The Sexiest Heroes of Video Games 2021

COG: This year has been no stranger to sexy video game characters. After extensive deliberation, we bring you the top 12 sexiest heroes of 2021.

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annoyedgamer144d ago

Empty list, little if anything is sexy in gaming anymore.

blackblades143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Well there's Mobile and PC, there's a few games out there like bloody spell which is a souls like game with dlc with half naked girls unless y'all talking just sexy face looking. Anyways that takes me back to the good days of Japanese games and no censoring. Kinda taking me to my pc days again just for those games even though I did moved on from it but the games ive seen yeah I can return.

UnSelf143d ago

Where’s that fine sexy girl from Returnal 👀😍

Terry_B144d ago

Alex Chen there from Life is Strange and..Master Chief and Agent 47 butt not one of the characters from Guilty Gear Strive? Lol okay.

CrimsonWing69144d ago

I thought we're not allowed to do this anymore?

moriarty1889143d ago

We can do anything but there will always be some clown who gets offended. That leads to companies and sites caving to those morons. They let themselves be held hostage and in turn piss off people who actually care about the games or products and play them.

drizzom143d ago

Feels like only 'acceptable', 'preapproved' and 'VETTED' lists like this are allowed.

B68W143d ago

It's a sanitized, all inclusive list, that's definitely allowed. You could replace the word "sexy" with "mildly entertaining" and get the same result.

H9143d ago

Day after day my theory that the whole movement of presentation is just replacing a social norm with another, just like companies would spend years promoting there skin care products and then suddenly "oh actually almond is not good for you, avocado is the thing", people actually think that changing female characters from slim to rough is for empowerment, it's just the new fashion, Lara(Shadow of the TR), Kassandra, Abby, Lady D are just few examples in a long line, just look a Japan, a place that isn't embarrassed to admit their direction, every anime has these type of characters and the fans clearly admit they enjoy it!

Yui_Suzumiya143d ago

I live and die for anime girls so yes, lol

B68W143d ago

I know that is often the case in the fashion world; one day they tell you that bone thin Fergie is attractive and the next day that's what everyone is chasing, But I'll be damned if Abby's dumptruck azz will ever be the fashion. There's not enough whiskey the West to pull my male gaze her way.

H9143d ago

The amount of "choke me with your biceps mommy" would like to have a word with you

drizzom143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

So true. She looks like Senator Armstrongs daughter. As much as it feels like the industry is trying to push it, I dont even think holding me at gunpoint would get me to be attracted to a wall of flesh like that.

tronyx12143d ago

> Making fair statement
> Uses Japan as example of doing it right
> Lmao can't be serious

H9142d ago

Perhaps the confused my point about Japan, I haven't said that they do their character models right, I meant about the part that they are very frontal about it in almost all the time, they wouldn't push a new fashion and call it empowerment, when every anime nowadays have a muscle girl to please the fanbase they call it as such and the fans call it as such, that's what I meant!

Half13yte143d ago

"You either die a villain or live long enough to see yourself become 2021's Sexiest Hero of Video Games." - Lady D.

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The story is too old to be commented.