MP1st Year End Awards - Game of the Year 2021 Winner

While 2022 has already started, we're here to deliver the MP1st Year End Awards, and name our Game of the Year for 2021!

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TheDoomedGuy136d ago

Best visuals was won by Forza.... Ratchet gets no mention anywhere.
Game of the year gets taken yet again by a very inaccessible game. Cant find anyone intersted in playing that game with me and so I cant actually play it. Which is a shame as id like to play it. Is there any matching players across the network kind of thing?

Chevalier136d ago

Maybe they'll patch in an A.I. companion or online so you could connect with someone. If you're playing on PS5 I would recommend using Shareplay then anyone of your friends can join you to play online. I use Shareplay with my brother all the time so we can play co-op games together.

TheDoomedGuy136d ago

I'd be fine with just joining a random online whose also looking.

The game would need good checkpoints and that would be it.

LordoftheCritics136d ago

The important takeaway here is that BF 2042 won an award.

Kane22136d ago

for some reason rift apart just doesn't get mentioned hardly at all.

Chevalier136d ago

Yeah its a beautiful game so its a shame it's getting so overlooked. I honestly think it should be up for more awards than it is too

Chevalier136d ago

You can PM me if you need a buddy to play on PSN.