Miyazaki says Elden Ring’s graphics team felt ‘extra pressure’ due to Demon’s Souls PS5

VGC writes:

Bluepoint’s PS5 launch title was one of the highest-rated games of 2020 and received widespread praise in particular for its visuals, which many perceived to set the bar for new-gen console games.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge magazine, which is on sale now, the From Software designer revealed that he’s not played Sony and Bluepoint’s remake of his 2009 title, but he suggested that its impact has been felt by Elden Ring’s development team.

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ArchangelMike147d ago

I don't think anyone plays any of the Soulsbourne games for the graphical fidelity. It's all about the gameplay, the same will be true for Elden Ring.

SyntheticForm146d ago

I wouldn't say I play for the fidelity, but I actually enjoy the graphics in Soulsbourne games. They have a certain charm that I've come to appreciate now - even dark grey tones of BB with all its chromatic aberration.

The sound of parrying, rolling, hitting, backstabbing; it's all what makes these games uniquely Souls.

Tapani146d ago

Graphics and art design are two different things. While both are technical and creative, art has no limitations whereas graphics do based on the hardware. Graphics relate to stuff like lighting, textures, draw distance, stability of the image and input resolution.

I think a lot of people play From Software’s games due to their superb art design, lore and atmosphere, and gameplay and customization.

SyntheticForm146d ago


"Graphics and art design are two different things."

I absolutely understand that, friend, but I would consider overall fidelity to be a combination of the two, even though they are indeed different. I guess I could say that I enjoy the overall look of all of the Soulsbourne games.

It doesn't bother me that these games aren't the most mindblowing at the technical level, and I actually appreciate and find charm in the limitation combined with the art style, atmosphere, and level design.

The lore, atmosphere, and design are absolutely what make these games along with what I mentioned previously. I find DS1 to be groundbreaking in the level design aspect. Surprise, that door leads to the beginning of the level! Very cool.

Hatchetforce146d ago

It is 2022. The days of having to choose one or the other, graphics vs gameplay should be long gone. The one area that has continually lagged is AI. It is one of the reasons there is a new PvP survival game launched every other day. An environment, some mechanics, poof. It isn't that difficult.

But look what Valve did with the original Half Life AI. Look at the combat sequences with the Assault Troops. The AI was limited. It couldn't do things like run and reload. But they did force the AI to reload. Only one AI could talk at a time. But Valve's implementation, level layouts, and encounter designs were so smart it made the AI seem smarter. It has been almost 10 years since the first AI beat the Turing test. Great implementations are long overdue.

frostypants145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

BB had the most impressive architecture and object textures of all the games short of the remake of DeS.

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Killer2020UK146d ago

Hard disagree, I just bought Demon Souls because it looked incredible on the PS5. I'm enjoying it even more than Bloodborne (which is the only other Soulsborne game I've played).

ArchangelMike145d ago

You need to clarify if you are refering to the PS5 exclusive Demon Soul's Remake by Bluepoint Games, or if you are referring to the original Demon Soul's by FROMSoftware?

The PS5 exclusive Demon Souls is absolutely a graphical showcase, and is an all round technical masterpeice... but it is a Remake that wasn't developed by FROMSoftware.

Ramboforlife146d ago

Yup, I mean the games look great, just not stellar like some out there. But the gameplay and exploration is what it's all about.

Sciurus_vulgaris146d ago

FromSoft’s modern games have always been more artistically impressive than technically impressive. Every Fromsoft title I have played has had a mixture of the following visual flaws: performance issues, frame pacing issues, low poly character model and dated textures.

I’ve watched several sections of the Elden Ring tech test. Frankly, Elden Ring, looks artistically very nice. However, it looks pretty similar to Dark Souls 3 and too a lesser extent Sekiro. Being a cross-gen multi-platform title, I don’t expect Elden Ring to look better or even on par with Demon Souls (2020). Plus, there seems to be heavy assets recycle from Bloodborne,Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro.

TrueMetal145d ago

Elden Ring on a high end PC should look comparable to DS PS5. Hopefully it's a decent PC release.

ChubbyBlade145d ago

How? It’s literally cross gen. DS was BUILT for the ps5. Elden isn’t.

Magog146d ago

They should just do a co-production with Blue Point for their next game and really blow people's socks off.

TheDoomedGuy146d ago

Yeah they should. Honestly think that bluepoint has the skill to do a souls like game IP that really competes with from software.

GoodGuy09146d ago

Seriously though, bluepoint really outdone themselves. Fromsoft aint big on crazy and amazing visuals but more about the art, design, and gameplay as their biggest strengths so you guys just worry about that. Although the remake does make me hungry for another fromsoft game with those amazing visuals....bloodborne maybe?

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