2021 EDGE awards and top 10 games of the year

The latest issue of EDGE contains the magazine's awards for 2021 and also a ranking of the top 10 games.

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GamingSinceForever144d ago

Jeez Death Loop is way overhyped. I played and finished it but I am not sure why they are giving it flowers. There were other games that were much better last year.

No hate on the game but it seriously wasn’t anything amazing.

Sunny12345144d ago

Agreed. It was a good game, but not worthy of all the praise it's been getting. Max 8/10

Returnal on the other hand is not getting all the praise it's worthy of. That was a fun filled journey.

z2g144d ago

I like deathloop more than returnal personally. Not only is it a fun game, but the dialog and writing are top notch. I feel like returnal is fairly overhyped itself.

Obelisk92144d ago


I felt the exact opposite. The writing in Returnal is very good and intriguing, Deathloop just seemed pretty dumb to me.

Gameplay-wise both are good.

Sunny12345143d ago


Yes the dialogue writing and voice acting, everytime you start the loop/enter new area is pretty good. But that's like 1 hour of content, the rest 20 or so hours is bland gameplay with mediocre story.

Returnal on the otherhand has gripping combat, the difficulty and limited life's just accentuates the experience. Plus varied enemy design and graphics, gameplay intrigued me much more. May be coz I am huge souls fan and like the idea of death penalty in games. To each his own. Returnal is more hard-core and deathloop is casual imo.

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LoveSpuds144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I didn't like Deathloop as much as some, but there seem to be plenty for who it really clicked. Personally, I thought Psychonauts 2 was super over rated and was completely eclipsed by Ratchet & Clank, but different folks click with different games.

My_Name_is_Earl144d ago

Completely eclipsed is a bit of a stretch but to each his own indeed. Most critics thought they were pretty comparable if metacritic is any metric to consider.

z2g144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I enjoyed both ratchet and psychonauts for different reasons. Psychonauts was more clever and creative while ratchet was more action spectacle. Both have their place. I def would say ratchet eclipsed psychonauts tho. It might have been flashier and more “Hollywood” but it was also a bit more derivative and formulaic as well. Both are good tho imo. This is me nitpicking.

GamingSinceForever144d ago

It Takes Two and Returnal were the best games IMO.

SonyStyled144d ago

Haven’t played Deathloop so I can’t chime in on the game itself, but I remember when Theif released from the same studio it was also a mixed reaction between reviewers and gamers. Haven’t played Theif either but I do have a copy in my physical collection to play if I so please

LoveSpuds144d ago

I hade a great time with Thief personally, I recall the only thing that got frustrating were the regular and lengthy load times, but the stealth action was super satisfying.

CosmicTurtle144d ago

Thief reboot was not made by the same studio. That was Eidos Montreal.

Arkane made Dishonored which is a far better game, with a similar tone and amazing DLC. They also did the most recent Prey which is also pretty good.

SonyStyled143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

@Cosmicturtle It was Dishonored I was thinking of, not Theif! Thanks for the correction. I remember the two looking the same and blended them as such. Replace “Theif” for “Dishonored” in my original comment

LoveSpuds144d ago

Actually pretty good lists I thought, I might move a few games around a bit but all of the games are pretty great.

TheColbertinator144d ago

Monster Hunter Rise was definitely the strongest Switch offering this year. SMTV to me was a close second

curtain_swoosh143d ago

definitely, smt v was amazing. i loved every second of it

My_Name_is_Earl144d ago

Congrats to Arkane for winning Studio of the Year and GotY. That's high praise!

I'm not too sure why the people of N4G aren't a fan of it but I can hazard a guess. I won't though because I don't want to get into trouble.

Also well done to Microsoft/Bethesda with 3 games on the top 10 list

DOMination-143d ago

The game was highly praised here at first, just go look at the comments from the articles when it was first announced. Its actually embarrassing to read the same people loving it back then and then overnight changing their opinions based on the publisher, even though the game itself turned out great.

Yui_Suzumiya143d ago

Thank you.. you've read my mind

z2g144d ago

I find it ironic that a ms first party studios game won as a PlayStation exclusive (even tho it’s technically timed and slated for Gamepass as well)

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