VGM: LittleBigPlanet Review

LittleBigPlanet is a giant accomplishment in gaming, and the original gameplay and extensive level editor are pure genius. While LBP's roots lie in classic side-scrolling titles like Super Mario Brothers, it's liberal use of physics, 2-D/3-D gameplay, and host of colorful characters elevate it to a new level. VGM implores all PS3 owners to go out and pick up this title now and experience it for yourself. Ambitious players will create brilliant levels for the community to enjoy, and less inclined players can sit back and reap the benefits so that even once the lengthy single-player mode is exhausted, fun new levels can be accessed indefinitely, or as long as the LBP community continues to flourish. LBP has my nod for Game of the Year.

Gameplay 9.6
Visuals 9.6
Audio 9.4
Fun Factor 9.7
overall 9.7

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