2022 Preview: Pokémon Legends Arceus may be the refresh the series needs

Game Freak's open world preview promises to break from the usual formula.

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Spenok145d ago

It better be, or I'll likely finally be dropping the series rather than being hopeful they can finally fix it.

Elronza145d ago

This is the one I'm hoping improves things in this series.

Inverno145d ago

GF hasn't proven themselves incapable of making Pokemon anything other than a cashgrab and now they think they can make a Monster Hunter game. It's funny just how much the devs purposely ignore fan feedback, and requests. No one asked for MH, people wanted the wild area to be the next step. Not just GF anymore though, Pokemon Company and Nintendo in general do not care about the quality of these games. Just look at the DP remakes, they looked bad from the get go and unsurprisingly they WERE bad.

But please tell me more about how toxic the fan base is and how they're only pissy about the lack of national Dex. Please tell me how this game is for kids while they continue to advertise showing 25 - 30 Y/O's.