Final Fantasy 15 Director to Reveal New Game in 2022

Final Fantasy 15's director Hajima Tabata departed Square Enix in 2018 and will announce his own studio's first JRPG in 2022.

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phoenixwing140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Because Tabata is a decent director in my opinion and hopefully it's a console pc game

smashman98140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

While I didn’t really enjoy XV as much as other ff titles tabata did direct crisis core and type 0 and I loved both of them. I’m interested in seeing what he does with full creative control.

Harkins1721140d ago

He made all the wrong moves with XV. Hopefully he doesnt here

pietro1212140d ago

A lot of those wrong moves though weren’t entirely his fault. A lot of the blame for FFXV coming out the way it did falls on the higher ups making dumb decisions I.e forcing them to make a engine during the development of the game.

DarkZane140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Well, he had to make FFXV from what was left of FFvs13 and that was supposed to be 3 games apparently. There wasn't much he could do.

Harkins1721139d ago

@pietro1212 every first year dlc should have been part of the game. That includes exploring the dark world during chapter 14. Gameplay was a mess. And you felt like you had 90% of end game abilities at the start of the game. The game needed at least another full year of full development. The engine wasn't his fault sure but ever little thing a fan of the game said he took personally and wanted to add it. It didn't need to have online multi-player.

-Foxtrot139d ago


Lets be honest, he could have just went with the original vision Tetsuya Nomura had for the game, the plot and assests they had been in development since FF13 Versus was announced.

Instead he came on board and tried to scrap almost everything in the small time frame they had, why would you do this rather than just working out or using what Nomura had left behind.

Just felt he wanted FFXV to be HIS game and not Nomuras when the best course of action for fans was to just finish what was started.

pietro1212139d ago

You're right the both of you. Fox, I didn't know about that part. I didn't know it was his decision to start fresh, it was a bad idea.

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pietro1212140d ago

I actually liked FFXV, so I look forward to what he’s working on next.

H9140d ago

For someone who did his best with FFXV despite it being in development hell for 6 years before he took over, he deserves to be acknowledged as a good leader, taking over from someone who changed his vision once a year, and then actually putting up a decent game is a achievement, add to that how Final Fantasy type 0 and Crisis core are good games as wel, I am looking forward to what he does next

curtain_swoosh140d ago

definitely, this is what ppl always overlook.