Alan Wake 2 is Where the Franchise Needs to go

Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, by far one of my favourite surprises of the Game Awards was the surprise announcement of Alan Wake 2. Alan Wake developed by Remedy Entertainment, and released in May 2010 on the Xbox 360, Alan Wake 2 will finally be brought back. While we were treated just this year to the surprise Alan Wake Remastered earlier in October 2021, or Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in February 2012, fans never got a true sequel. What will the future of the Alan Wake franchise look like?

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mastershredder520d ago

Perfect! a sequel that will remind me of the smell of mildew and damp coffee grounds with a side of deadly premonition.

NecrumOddBoy520d ago

Where else would the franchise go? Seems like a sure thing. American Nightmare should be in the remake though.

Zahiar520d ago

You know I was thinking alternatives right?
For all it could have been, you know how the sequel market is sometimes, weird spin - offs, spiritual successors, reimagining, a VR walking simulator (bleh) and all that.
I like the idea of an evolved sequel way more

Zahiar519d ago

I guess Alan Wake got a redesign lol.
Because I thought it was Jared Leto lol

pietro1212519d ago

It’s the same actor from the first game

pietro1212519d ago

My most hyped project of this gen.