The Biggest Games Coming in 2022

IGN : With the new year fast approaching and many new game releases on the horizon, it's time to look ahead at some of the biggest upcoming games of 2022. From PC, Xbox, PS5 and all your other favorite gaming platforms, there's some amazing titles for everyone to look forward to in the coming year.

RaidenBlack516d ago

+ also, Atomic Heart, The Invincible & Pragmata

Greg2801515d ago

Pragmata new releasedate is in 2023. They released a short delay announcement trailer for it.

RaidenBlack515d ago

Oh yea ... shoot, forgot about that creepy girl teaser.

Kubark515d ago

Be good to get a release date on Atomic Heart.

darthv72516d ago

GoW is what I'm most looking forward to. Everything else is just gravy.

Lightning77515d ago

GoW is a easy highlight for 2022. One of several of course

Yui_Suzumiya515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

Starfield for me too .. getting a Series X for it

Eonjay514d ago

I haven't seen any gameplay for it yet. Right now it's just hype.

Obscure_Observer513d ago

"I haven't seen any gameplay for it yet. Right now it's just hype."

If that´s the case, then you been falling for it, by commenting on Starfield´s non gameplay articles and topics.

Eonjay513d ago

This isn't something to fight over. Just give me gameplay. Give me something to be excited for.

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ColtPSSX515d ago

Dying light, GOW, and horizon for me.

Honorable mention.
Howgwarts legacy.

dbcoops515d ago

2022 is going to Bonkersville for gaming.

stonecold3515d ago

forspoken wwe 2k 222 evil dead god of war si fu gt7 horizon gotham night suicide squads evil dead sonic elden ring hogwarts legacy dying light 2 hopefully lost souls aside and project awakening and ps5 exclusive ff16 will getting smurf game ps5 if cyberpunk good ps5 i might buy it stray a plauge tales 2 babylons fall stranger paradise of final fantasy the day before gollum avartar callisto protocol my ps5 going to be one heck big year

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