Genshin Impact: Disappearance of Fischl might be related to the Chinese Voice Actor's adultery

Chinese voice actor Li Yuantao's misdeeds are leading the Genshin Impact fans in trouble, both in real life as well as with Fischl.

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Teflon02524d ago

Doubt it, whyd they rerun her in honkai then? Pretty sure there's no specific reason behind it as she doesn't need new voice lines to appear

adamwparker523d ago

Was Oz a part of that Honkai crossover?

Also, this is the Chinese VA, so that sucks for the other language actors who could have had more work by now if stories weren't halted.

Just move on Mihoyo! Hire a different actor to takeover. I mean, in your situation of how you've responded already, what's the point of delaying?

If the guy in the end winds up innocent, he can come back, but really.....Oz we're talking about here...


H9524d ago

He is the scum of the earth that's for sure, either mihoyo will have plans for Fischel without Oz or they will wait till they replace him, a dumb situation where Fischel's VA have to stop performing her role because her game partner is scum

Stanjara524d ago

Genshin community at it's best!

PapaBop524d ago

^^^ Making mountains out of mole hills.

H9523d ago

Why the disagrees when I am calling a predator scum

justadelusion523d ago

So? That is for her husband to deal with, don't see why it should affect a character she does voice lines for.

got_dam523d ago

I agree, but the Chinese government has some very, very draconian views on that kind of thing. Her social credit score probably took pretty major hit. Hopefully that doesn't hurt her entire family. It really should be between her and her husband. But....