Massively: zOMG! First Impressions

Massively writes:

"In First Impressions, Krystalle takes on a new MMORPG weekly and reports back at what the first few hours of playing it are like. Is it painful? Awesome? Are there cool mechanics? Silly quests? Find out each week as she takes an unscientific (and highly opinionated) view at a game you may not have seen. Also remember, this is not a review; simply a First Impression - as such, we always recommend you give games that seem interesting a shot and decide for yourself.

This week I head into the world of Gaia Interactive's beta MMO project, zOMG! Having never actually waded hip-deep into the Gaia community, it was certainly an enlightening experience. Some good, some bad, with a word to parents as well. Curious as to what's involved in the anime-inspired world of zOMG? Have a seat and read on, but watch out - some of the chairs bite."

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