God of War Ragnarok Rated in Saudi Arabia

The game still has no firm release date, but God of War Ragnarok has officially been rated in Saudi Arabia, which implies it's on the way soon.

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TheProfessional149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I feel like this one won't be as good as the last one since it has a different game director.

CaptainHenry916149d ago

They all had different game directors 🤔

mkis007149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

It's a SSM tradition. How many game directors would there be if it was always the same person in the role?

H9149d ago

I think it's about how much they recycle from the old game and how much they try to add to the formula, Santa Monica switch directors every game

porkChop149d ago

You do realize that every GoW had had a different director, right? Cory was the only one that came back to do another one.

jznrpg149d ago

The setup for the next game is there, director won’t change it much . It’s always a new director like stated before except Cory did GoW 2018 and GoW 2 .

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gravedigger149d ago

So, release date is imminent

Bobertt148d ago

Wasn't there a post before that said somewhere had a placeholder date for Q3?

gravedigger148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Placeholder date is a one thing, but when some game is rated which surely it is not a placeholder, it is a usually 3-4 months before release. Tsushima was rated in June 2020, release month after. Days Gone rated in January 2019, release date April 2019

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