'Halo' Wedding Planned By Two Video Game Fans; Master Chief Will Officiate

They met playing "Halo" in 2004, and in January they'll get married by a guy wearing Master Chief armor.

Desirai Labrada, 29, and John Henry, 26, are having a "Halo" wedding.

And it was her idea.

Desirai and John are big-time "Halo" players. She games under the name SickNDeHead. He plays as PsychoVandal. They met when she lived in New York and he was in Florida. She'd become Xbox Live friends with his roommate, and they slowly started to play games together, regularly. When he didn't show up online one day during the time they usually played, she sent him a message and her phone number.

MaximusPrime5666d ago

red RING of death....


brycespitler5666d ago

2 ppl are complete douche bags
x bot nerds getting married
i guess some xfags do have a chance at getting married.

AngryTypingGuy5666d ago (Edited 5666d ago )

brycespitler - Xfags? Xbox fans aren't the ones obsessing over a character named Sackboy, now are they? Now go back to playing your Japanese game where the character has long flowing locks, looks like he's wearing makeup, and looks like he's constantly posing for the cover of GQ.

Now, as for the two people having a Halo wedding, I like Halo as much as the next guy but...holy sh!t. Their parents must be proud.

Kuest5666d ago (Edited 5666d ago )

gaming couple! Just look how they flirt with each other.

Younglings these days...

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panasonic235666d ago

this nothing new japan people get married dressing up as their favorites hentai game

ChampIDC5666d ago

Yeah, knowing the crazy stuff the Japanese do, this kind of news doesn't phase me, haha.

Bnet3435666d ago

People in Japan marry comic book characters. That is not a joke BTW.

panasonic235666d ago

imagine a final fanasty wedding two girls getting married wow but one have a penis but u can't tell

bomboclaat_gamer5666d ago

to each his/her own. let the people live and do what they want. its their lives

Heldrasil5666d ago

I guess this sure beats wandering the streets of Vegas, having a head full of ecstacy and getting married at 2:00 in the morning...good times...good times...

koston36475666d ago

your right alot there are way better thing to with a head full of ecstacy

Heldrasil5666d ago

Ecstacy or shrooms...I tend the more natural route...