2022 Preview: Gran Turismo 7 aims to be all things to all car fans

Polyphonic's latest offering may be the developer's most ambitious entry yet.

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waverider139d ago

Getting back to their roots its very important.

CaptainHenry916138d ago

This game and Horizon Forbidden West is going to sell like hotcakes

iplay1up2138d ago

Honestly, Forbidden West and GOW for me. With Horizon 5 and Forza Motorsport 8 I have driving games covered. Great for those who specifically like Gran Turismo. It looks fantastic.

locomorales139d ago

I've been a Gran Turismo fan since the second game. It must be one of my favorite video game franchises. I welcome the return of the series numbered after GTS. Pokecar has always been one of the main differentiating elements of 1-6 games.

Now there's something the game has been missing, and I understand the reasons, but I still regret it: the end of "irrelevant" cars. Something I loved about GT2 and GT4 was having hundreds of common cars, like Ford Ka and Focus, Toyota sedans and any other Dodge. Today, with the vast amount of work required to model a car it is clear that they will only make "relevant" cars in history. Between modeling a 2003 Astra, a 1998 Peugeot 206, or a 1960s Ferrari that raced in F1, no doubt they will devote time to the latter. No cars from my daily life. This diminishes, for me, the charm that the game had. I understand, but I'm sorry.

Hofstaderman138d ago

I remember in GT2 I always drove the BMW 328i. Many years later I finally bought a E36 M3 Euro spec the four door saloon.

MoonConquistador138d ago

Polyphony put lots of effort into all their car modelling, including everyday road cars.

GT Sport also has a fair share of what you'd class as daily life cars. Citroen DS3, Ford Focus, Minis, Clio's etc are all there. Whilst I understand GTS didn't have the range of cars of the main series games, its still a fantastic GT game.

RaiderNation138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I'm the complete opposite when it comes to off the lot economy cars in racing games. I dont want to waste my time puttering around the track at 80mph in a Mercury Tracer or Ford Focus. To me there's absolutely no thrill or satisfaction in that. The appeal of racing games to me is being able to drive unattainable high powered cars that haul ass around the track. Ones that I know I'll never afford in real life. I hate it when racing games force you to start out in crappy slow cars. If I want that I can go hop in my Nissan Rogue right now LOL!

blacktiger138d ago

I agree one 100%.I have volkswagen jetta 2011 lol

locomorales138d ago

Yes, I understand who likes that. But all the other games are like that and Gran Turismo was the one that broke the rule. As I said, I understand that the development time of the models explains why it is like this nowadays, but it is something that diminishes the experience of the game as a whole for me, making it more similar to the others.

RaiderNation138d ago (Edited 138d ago )


But what do you get out of racing in those slow cars? It sucks driving around a virtual track with no sense of speed. There's nothing fun about it. It's boring! Just because none of the other racing games do this, that doesn't automatically make it a sound design choice. IMO it's a waste of my gaming time. I actually kind of like the fact that in Project Cars you have instant access to all the cars from the get go. You're not forced to buy a piece of junk and race with that at the beginning. To me you're kind of sabotaging your game from the get go by starting the gamer off in a less than ideal racing situation.

Charlieboy333138d ago

The thing with GT though is that you can take that Ford Focus and turn it into a beast straight out of Fast and the's one of the more fun things to do

locomorales138d ago

As I said to another user: I imagine there are more people out there like you than me. And I understand designers going in that direction of greater audience. However that's not what I like. GT's sense of familiarity and progression is/was a feature that sets it apart for me. But I understand the immediacy that some prefer. It's a preference, and I differ from you.

frostypants138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I like having the option but I donwish starting out it was at least an entry sporty car like a Miata or Civic Type R. Let us goof around in the silly wagons and what not if we want (it's fun to try to tune them into something viable), just don't force it. IRL if you're getting into racing, realistically it's probably gonna be an old Miata/MX-5 or similar, not some Euro econobox.

dumahim138d ago

"I dont want to waste my time puttering around the track at 80mph"

That's what upgrades are for.

If the game was flooded with these basic cars and the sportier stuff was rare, I could see the issue, but I think it's fine if there's a nice balance. Forza, IMO is leaning way too much into the supercar/hypercar spectrum lately, and it's a bit exhausting. We get it. The 911 is a great car, but can't we agree we have enough of a variety of 911s now? Diversify it a bit. Bring back the Pontiac Solstice. Give us a Corvair Monza.

dumahim138d ago

"realistically it's probably gonna be an old Miata/MX-5 or similar, not some Euro econobox."

You'd be surprised. There's racing leagues for classic Minis. Nordic rallycross races (see Folkrace) often use old normal cars for racing. 24 hours of Lemons. These are just a few examples. There's lots of races available that use cars you'd never imagine being raced. (Hell, there's races for the CItroen 2CV.) They just don't draw as much attention.

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Atticus_finch138d ago

I agree but I think that's with most racing games. I remember reading that for GTs some vehicles took up to 6 months to develop. So it's easy to see why the focus would be on exciting, luxury cars.
I'm still pleased because my go to cars are usually low end Nissan coupes, which are never absent.

locomorales138d ago

Yes, it's that way in most games, which is why I regret the change (which is why you commented). It makes Gran Turismo look more like other games, losing a difference that I liked.

UltimateRacer138d ago

I understand your point but from what I’ve seen PD are still very much interested in unusual cars like for example the Lamborghini Espada or the recently unveiled news about the Renault Avantine, also look at the cars that come from the Sema shows in vegas, all unique cars,some not particularly quick, nor do they stand out but it’s there oddness of inclusion that makes GT unique and PD are continuing this trend much like previous numbered titles. I’m looking forward to GT7, I hope to see you all on the track 👍🏻

locomorales138d ago

Yes, they went the "unique" and "relevant" car route and my lament is about the "ordinary" and "irrelevant" cars. I commented with another user that almost all the games have "unique" cars, this brings Gran Turismo closer to them, which for me is a loss. But I understand that there must be more audience and potential buyers interested in trying out a Lamborghini than a Nissan Versa. It's a personal taste that saw a difference in GT in this aspect.

Good-Smurf138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

They still have a Suzuki Swift and VW Beetle it really depend on how "irrelevant" that car is.
But in typical PD goofiness you can never be certain about their car choice, like how the hell
Fiat 500 an irrelevant car on all but shortest of tracks made the list on GTSport is a mystery but hey that's their magic of giving you cars that you'd never thought they would add to the game.

rippermcrip138d ago

But you actually purposefully chose to use those cars? Why would you want to do any racing in a Ford Focus?

locomorales138d ago

Sure. As I said to another reviewer: it's a matter of what I prefer. I guess I'm in the minority in this case, but having the "hottest cars" or everything open right away, as basically all racing games do, should be what most people prefer, as most games are like that. But this feature that has been missing in GT is a negative point for me. For you, it sounds positive, that's how life goes.

dumahim138d ago


I don't think you're in the minority as much as others would suggest. Even if Forza there's plenty of people that are tired of all the super/hypercars and want something more unique than a Ferrari without a windshield.

blacktiger138d ago

But Gran Turismo is not an arcade racing. It's a simulation racing game. You arcade then look for arcade game

Chaos_Order138d ago

I very much agree. Driving top of the line racing cars is fun, but I also love driving cars that I could feasibly own in real life, enacting the dream of my mate and I barrelling down Nurburgring in our Ford Fiestas. It's such a different experience and one of the big reasons I love the older GTs.

Hopefully GT7 has a nice medium.

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Father__Merrin138d ago

Guaranteed playtime with this title constant free updates always evolving

Teflon02138d ago

If support is on sports level ain't nothing to worry about long term

Bigman4k138d ago

Looking forward to getting this day1

Aloymetal138d ago

Same here, already pre ordered along with HFW long ago.

EazyC138d ago

I always find previews with no hands-on a bit pointless...

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