The Audi Sorlie Collection: Digital Foundry's Best Games of 2021

Digital Foundry : Our celebration of a fantastic gaming 2021 continues, with Audi Sorlie contributing his personal line-up of the year's best titles.

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darthv72641d ago

That gauntlet style game looks sweet. I hope bitmap brings it to neo geo like they did xenocrisis.

Brazz641d ago

Well deserved! Returnal is also my Goty.

blackblades641d ago

Returnal been on all there list I believe

AKS640d ago

Same for me. Played it non-stop until I had the platinum trophy and kept playing it a decent amount of time messing around with weapon perks and testing various things against bosses. I think I was pretty much hooked the first time I was able to behold the spectacle of the Ixion battle, my favorite boss.


Metroid Dread Has Sold Over 3 Million Copies, Reveals Developer

Enric Álvarez, the CEO of Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam, has revealed that the title has now sold over three million copies worldwide.

jaymacx62d ago

It’s good to see Metroid do well. Hopefully we hear something soon about Metroid Prime 4

Hereandthere62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Wait up, 3 million worldwide out of a possible 120 million is considered good for a legendary franchise like metroid?

JEECE62d ago

Metroid has never sold super well. Lots of people under under the mistaken impression that, because franchises like Mario Kart, Smash Bros., 3D Mario games, more recent Zelda games, and Animal Crossing sell huge numbers, that all Nintendo franchises sell at that level, and that they always have.

This is pretty good for a Metroid. Dread will probably end up being the best-selling game in the franchise, if it isn't already.

Sciurus_vulgaris62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Metroid Prime was said to have sold 2.8 million copies, so Dread is likely the best selling game in the series.

Rebel_Scum61d ago

Not everyone is a metroid freak ho ho ho

MetroidFREAK2161d ago

@Rebel_scum *squidward laugh*

ZeekQuattro62d ago

It took some doing but I'm glad it finally made it past that milestone.

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Seven Video Games We'd Love To See Get TV Adaptations

The WellPlayed team has come together to share which video games they’d like to see turned into a TV show.

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Metroid Dread E.M.M.I. figma release date, new photos, pre-orders open

Metroid Dread cans can now pre-order the E.M.M.I. figma. It also now has a release date and some new photos.

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F those emmi's lol just beat the purple one.