The Audi Sorlie Collection: Digital Foundry's Best Games of 2021

Digital Foundry : Our celebration of a fantastic gaming 2021 continues, with Audi Sorlie contributing his personal line-up of the year's best titles.

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darthv72144d ago

That gauntlet style game looks sweet. I hope bitmap brings it to neo geo like they did xenocrisis.

Brazz144d ago

Well deserved! Returnal is also my Goty.

blackblades144d ago

Returnal been on all there list I believe

AKS143d ago

Same for me. Played it non-stop until I had the platinum trophy and kept playing it a decent amount of time messing around with weapon perks and testing various things against bosses. I think I was pretty much hooked the first time I was able to behold the spectacle of the Ixion battle, my favorite boss.