The Most Underrated Game Boy RPGs

The Game Boy RPGs that received the most attention were Pokémon, but the system had a lot of other great titles from the genre. Some of these games shared names with major series, like Final Fantasy, but others came out of nowhere and found success.

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Jiub148d ago

Azure dreams was a gem on PlayStation and Game Boy Color

SegaSaturn669148d ago

Lufia: The Legend Returns is mind blowingly good for a gb game. One of my fave rpgs ever

Jiub147d ago

I would definitely consider selling a limb to get a modern Lufia game.

SegaSaturn669147d ago

Did you play the DS remake of...Lufia 2 I think? Man, that game was weird.

Jiub147d ago

I saw that it was a remake and passed on it. I thought they would give it another shot at some point. Just saying, the Sinistrals would look crazy on good graphics.

jznrpg146d ago

I loved getting lost in the sand of Final Fantasy On game boy . I hated it too but it’s very memorable to this day .