GamerDad Review: Carnival Games: Mini-Golf

GamerDad writes: "One thing Wii parents - all systems really but especially Wii - need to be concerned about the sheer amount of crap littering store shelves. In pursuing a "casual" market it doesn't quite understand yet just about every concept has been waggled and nunchuked to death. But every once in a while something special gleams in the pile and it's even better when that game is one that your smaller kids - 5 or so - can master.

Like Bowling, Mini Golf works well on Wii. The whole family can take turns and, barring some mental geometry and physics advantages we adults have picked up, play on an equal field. The swing is simple, just like Bowling in that it's a movement and a button release. Some of the later holes in the varied courses are very difficult. One involving chicken eggs can reduce even a 36 year old to tears. But Henry and then Maggie have scored holes-in-one already. Are there better golf games on Wii? Definitely. Better mini-golf? Possibly. But is this a good stocking stuffer for the mini-duffer in your life?"

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