Five Things That Will Help Xbox Dominate In 2022

2021 was a solid year for Microsoft. But how can it improve for what lies ahead?

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jznrpg525d ago

They only dominate with hype and marketing , they always win in that regard but with games they lose and that’s why they are in 3rd place every gen.

Sitdown525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

Stop, it's not just about games, because they had plenty of games for the's also about brand recognition and trust...which both Nintendo and Sony rightfully have based on history before Microsoft even showed up.

Z501525d ago

"had games"... before Kinect.
Yes, you are correct.

DarXyde525d ago

There's a sizable hole in your logic here when you look at history. Sony beat Nintendo on their first go in the industry and Microsoft even beat the GameCube (technically, Xbox is their second gaming device but it was their first Xbox and people don't really remember MSX).

You might be saying, "Sony is a household name: Betamax, Walkman, their TVs..." Fair, but so are Phillips and Magnavox, especially in the 90s. Apple damn near didn't exist near the end of the 90s because their main competitor—Microsoft—was just killing them. They have always been very well known too.

If you mean to discuss company as a whole, it doesn't check out because Microsoft has always been a bigger company than Sony or Nintendo.

If you mean to mention within the industry, again, Sony as a beginner beat Nintendo. In some capacity, name recognition has influence, but there is very often a perfect storm of other factors (e.g., N64 having great games and a bad controller; SEGA launching Saturn secretly; Nintendo's failure to adopt CD and the more expensive N64 games, made worse by far fewer exclusives; Xbox having a terrible controller and Nintendo being a bit isolationist). Xbox 360 sold pretty well and comparable to PS3. It dominated in NA. Partly because Sony couldn't figure out online infrastructure, launching a year early, the PS3 pricetag, and early timed exclusives.

Brand recognition is such a reductive argument.

Sitdown523d ago

Console launch sales with minimal to no games that showcase the hardware are proof that it's more than just oversimplifying. To simply say games is reductive.

DarXyde523d ago

No one is saying just games.

You must have missed this part of my post:

"In some capacity, name recognition has influence, but there is very often a perfect storm of other factors[...]."

It is absolutely multivariate, and it would be dishonest to say otherwise.

Sitdown523d ago

And you must have missed the original post I responded to, because clearly they blamed games, and my response to them spoke on multivariate.

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SpineSaw525d ago

What will they dominate? lol....I just hope they can produce something that can get me to turn on my Series S or use my Xbox Game Pass sub. Things like Halo and Forza or old, tired and should be shelved for 10yrs or more cause those just ain't doing it and I already play all the multiplatform games on the better platform and better online service. So lets hope Microsoft can focus their expectations on just doing much, much better and forget about dominating anything because they aint!

therealmarauder525d ago

You can cancel the sub if you are not using it. LOL

Elda525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

I don't see how they will dominate in 2022 when there hasn't been any hype for any AAA exclusives releasing for 2022 except for Starfield & there hasn't been any gameplay shown including that it isn't releasing until late next year. Crossfire X looks decent but that's it that's been talked about so far for 2022 when it comes to AAA exclusives. It's been my first time ever in the XB ecosystem for a few weeks now & the only current AAA first-party exclusive I've been playing is Halo Infinite. For me it seems so far the XBSS will be my second console to go play XB exclusive games whenever they may release where my PS5 will be my first to play exclusives including AAA multiplats.

DOMination-525d ago

Microsoft can release all the updates and services they want but as its always been, games will be the deciding factor.

Lets wait and see. 2023 and 2024 do look they are going to be big years for Xbox but 2022 still looks a little barren to me.

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