What to Expect From PlayStation in 2022

IGN : God of War, Horizon, Gran Turismo, potential PSVR 2 news, and a lot more could make 2022 a very busy year for PS4 and PS5 players.

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Tacoboto138d ago

That are going to be on PS4 with a $10 upgrade fee :)

Hofstaderman138d ago

@Tacoboto thats great, you can pick up a ps4 then if you can't get hold of a ps5

138d ago
DarkZane138d ago

@GameZenith if you're willing to wait 3-4 years.

Atticus_finch138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Wait you're telling me that devs need money for their work. Holy sht what a scam.
Great more sells. But when?

GhostofHorizon138d ago

It's interesting that Tacoboto and GameZenith are in here trying to downplay PS5.
Game Zenith didn't even bother to comment on the Xbox article with the same name, just came in here to trash PS5.

If you don't like PS5 all that much, why do you keep reading and commenting on their articles?
This is the difference between a fan and a fanboy. Fan of a system will celebrate the victories and enjoy the system while a fanboy will feel compelled to tear down the opposition at the risk of looking petty.

Looking forward to a great PS5 year in 2022, looking at you Horizon: Forbidden West.

CaptainHenry916138d ago

And that Sony is going to dominate next year.. Nintendo won't be far behind when it comes to first party exclusives

Tacoboto138d ago

Oh I love the games that I can play on my PS5, I hate the business decisions behind the system. Fake announcing GOW as a 2021 title, fake announcing every game except Ratchet as next-gen only *and* passing the cost to the customer.

ColtPSSX138d ago

Wasn’t halo suppose to be a launch title.
Let me guess they have a valid excuse but not gow?
So bias

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CaptainHenry916137d ago


Guerrilla Games = 3 Games
Insomniac = 3 Games
Suckerpunch = 2 Games
Sony Santa Monica = 2 Games
Naughty Dog = 2 Games
Bluepoint = 2 Games
Housemarque = 1 Game
London Studio = 1 Game
Sony Bend = 1 Game
Pixelopus = 1 Game
Sony San Mateo = 1 Game
Japan Studio = 1 Game


Terry_B139d ago

Hopefully, a new good fighting game that moves the genre forward and is not another cross-gen/last-gen development.

138d ago
porkChop138d ago

Isn't that a beat 'em up/action game?

Atticus_finch138d ago

Yea but it's the closest I could think of.

Terry_B138d ago

Thats not even a fighting game..and it just looks like Absolver without masks.

VersusDMC138d ago

When was the last genre forward move by the way? For me MVC2.

And i don't see how the new gen would move the genre forward in 2D or 3D.

Still hyped for DNF Duel next year even if it's on PS4 as well.

Terry_B138d ago

Photorealistic looking fighters, realistic physics, including environmental damage that looks and feels realistic as examples.

RaidenBlack139d ago

PSVR 2 will be a big thing for Sony in 2022.

purple101139d ago

Not sure about that but you've got gt7 horizon and God of war

SullysCigar138d ago

GT7 and PSVR2 will be a match made in heaven.

SurgicalMenace138d ago

The VR space has definitely grown and I'm expecting Sony to take full advantage given their current position in the market.

Atticus_finch138d ago

I believe in holiday 2022 is when we should be getting PSVR2. I think it was smart to distance it from the launch of PS5. So that they wouldn't steal limelight from one another.
The wait will be worth it.

Gamer79138d ago

As long as people are prepared for how expensive it's going to be. At least £400 possibly more.

SullysCigar138d ago

Do you have a source or are you just here playing hunt the negative, as usual? New tech costs money, so what?

Gamer79138d ago

Sully can't accept a different opinion, as usual. The only who plays hunt the negative is you.

SullysCigar138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

So just deflection from you then, no meaningful response. Wonderful.

Have you seen my comments in the Xbox equivalent article? I'll answer on your behalf: no, no you haven't.

Gamer79138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Sully, who mentioned xbox. Looks like you're the one who's defecting. And yes I have seen the other article.

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VersusDMC138d ago

If PSVR2 has a basic functionality with all games it will...but if it just does the same thing as last gen(games have to be built for it) it will do around the same sales wise. Which is good enough for Sony since they are doing a new one.

ibrake4naps138d ago

Hope they have a VR version of Resident Evil 8 like they did 7!

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darthv72139d ago

I'm expecting improved production and even some variants in the console that are more than just side panel related. Maybe some with their own themed boot sequence and detailing. Perhaps even a premium sku that includes 1 or 2tb SSD preinstalled in the expansion.

Hofstaderman138d ago

Playstation gamers don't expect hardware like controllers. We expect great games.

darthv72138d ago

Sometimes you have to expect the unexpected.

Orchard138d ago

“ Playstation gamers don't expect hardware like controllers”

The controller is one of the best things on the PS5… we expect great hardware and software.

Atticus_finch138d ago

It would be Abit disappointing to not get Special edition for GT7, HFW and GOW but seeing how manufacturing is still being slammed I won't be holding my breath.

Orchard138d ago

I like the idea of custom boot sequences, having the PS1 and PS2 boot sequences would be awesome.

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