Funko Pop celebrates 20 years of Halo with new Master Chief figure

If you are a fan of Halo and Funko Pop, you can’t miss this exclusive 20th-anniversary collectible that's now available for pre-order in the official Xbox Gear Store.

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Gamer79142d ago

Looks nice, shame there isn't a cortana one.

Mr_Luke142d ago

I admit this is nice (one of the best ones i've seen), but to be honest i can't see why people like Funko's... i mean, they're deformed overpriced dolls with huge head and that 90% of the time they're not even like the original they want to copy :/ Oh well, tastes :D

Leemundo141d ago

It’s like someone said ‘Hey, remember the Big Head Cheat Mode in the 90’s? Let’s make that into a figure’.

I personally don’t get it either, I have lots of collectibles that are realistic proportions and I much prefer them, but each to their own.

gamefreaks365141d ago

Now that you mention it, yes, they do. Also, they should bring Big Head Mode back.