Gamekyo: Preview Killzone 2

A controversial title by Guerilla Games. Will this title spark the PlayStation 3 come February 2009?

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Violater3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I do not remember Halo 3 catching any flack for not looking anything like its CG trailer.
And yet even after KZ2 looks better than its CG trailer it still today gets grief for it.
I can tell u this, playing the KZ2 beta, it is nothing short of Black Magic that has the game looking soooooo good and yet they say the final version will look even better, I just cant comprehend how.
People are going to be picking up their collective jaws off the floor and having huge servings of humble pie when this game is released.

trancefreak3596d ago

The translator suked on this conversion. Still waiting for the game with agony :)

yaboi3596d ago

looks amazing.
If this game comes out and fails i will punch a baby

pixelsword3596d ago

...but it might spank the 360 mighty fierce.

josephat843596d ago

I'm sick and tired of all the FPS's out there!!! They are all the freakin same now ever since Call of Duty 4. What the hell!?!? Why would you go out of your way into making a game look so nice and not come up with fresh new gameplay. Killzone 2 will be a clone people. A CLONE!!!! I guess if you like the same ol stuff, then more power to ya. I, for one, am more excited about fresh ideas like Heavy Rain. Please, someone tell me what distinguishes Killzone 2 from COD 4 or Resistance 2, besides the graphics and story.

Violater3596d ago

looks like u came up with 2 all by yourself.
3) Add the cover system in a FPS
4) The weight and momentum of your character and his movement

All in all a FPS can be boiled down to one thing u put your bullets in the other guy, KZ2 just makes it sooo much more satisfying to do this.

ali3123596d ago

Listen you idiot take your stupid comments else where. Alot of people love FPS games and Killzone 2 will be the mother of them all. If it bugs you so much get yourself a DS and the crap Pippa Funnel game if you want to try something diferent

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