2022 Preview: Saints Row is defying expectations again, but in a new way

Could Volition's dialled back reboot be exactly what the series needs?

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annoyedgamer641d ago

Previews need to be renamed to Promotions.

senorfartcushion640d ago

Yeah, it’s annoying. Marketing has become journalism and journalism has become marketing.

It’s quite sick really. It keeps AAA games AAA, regardless of how many As they lose upon release.

sourOG640d ago

What’s up with the weird VGC articles lately? I thought they were one of the few legit sites still around lol. I’m pretty sure it was them trying to rehash the Harry Potter author shit too. Now saints row is “defying the odds again by scaling back” lol. Saying “f**k you” to the fanbase isn’t a saints row tradition lol. Not saying they did, but this article is trying to say that. Why though? It’s just a weird opinion piece. I guess you need articles on the slow days too lmao?

Kaii640d ago

Glanced at the review section on their website & for Fifa 22 which netted 4/5* rating they said, "When you’re 29 games into a long-running series, it’s probably fair to say that innovation can be hard to come by".

Yeah, people throwing money at roster updates somehow justifies the $60 spent.

The scoring system is way too generous to the publishers cutting deals with these websites for early access dibs, BF 2042 nets 3/5 score but Kena gets the exact same 3/5 score. Triple AAA studio vs studio Ember Lab 1st game release.

I know my post is basically off-topic but it rubs me up the wrong way when you get these websites when paid by the publisher just "gush" over the product in X amount of months time.

Stonilein640d ago

I hope the driving dosent suck ass again this time, vehicles in saints row lacked weight

Rachel_Alucard640d ago

This is the kind of game you make when your only info on modern teens is twitter and tiktok.

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Saints Row pulls off the second-biggest PS Plus game debut of 2023

The rebooted Saints Row on PS Plus has seen a huge influx of PS5 and PS4 players — enough to make it the second-biggest PS Plus Essential game debut of 2023.

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DeusFever19d ago

They are tracking 3.2M PS5 players. They say the Saints Row's PS Plus debut player count fell 23.64% short of the Battlefield 2042 PS Plus debut.

shinoff218319d ago

I downloaded it to try but I was never much of a Saint row fan to begin with. If they re released the older ones I'd probably try them to.

jeromeface19d ago

its sad we live in an time where people seek out retro software vs playing whats fresh and new

shinoff218319d ago

Jeromeface that's funny as shit. I've complained tremendously about ff16 and you know what I get told

If you want turn based go play the older ones.

Anyway I play new shit all the time. Had a blast with star ocean 6, tails of arise, ys newest games. But I can do both. Play retro and new stuff. Sad thing is alot of new stuff I find whack atleast alot of the aaa games , I'm not a huge fan of shooters,online games, online shooters and gatcha games and that's alot of the shit shoveled out.

There's still plenty of dope stuff coming out though

Baldurs gate looks good
Got a dragon quest some year
As much as I bitch about cyberpunk I'm looking forward to that dlc(hope it ain't broke)

It's refreshing to have a mix.

CrimsonWing6919d ago


Um, that’s because the stuff from the SNES to PS3 era were way better than what we have now.

Publishers/Devs were willing to take risks and it wasn’t all about GaaS or monetization. Games felt like they were made with passion and not afraid to try things. Yea we started the whole DLC trend in 7th gen, but the most a season pass cost back then was $15.

The industry has really shifted and the whole trying to translate the mobile game model to consoles and all this talk about games being too expensive to make like a Baldur’s Gate 3 is depressing.

shinoff218319d ago

Crimson looks like it's just me and you on that one. Alot of these most be people under 25 or something

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TallDarknWavy19d ago

I really liked 3, although part 4 tried to be a superhero game and it was just dumb as shit.
This game is also dumb as shit as the writing is peak poor, there are no jokes that I'm aware of as I never laughed once, and it's glitchy and disorganized AF. The story makes no sense, as it's typical campy "Oh hey we're doing crazy things like killing people etc." but everyone is somehow super chill about the mass murder as if it's nothing. This is common theme amongst today's trash woke writers.

Vengeance113819d ago

Everyone downloading to see for themselves just how garbage the game actually is, then they'll play a few hours and delete forever lol

dumahim19d ago

I add everything to the library, but I'll never get to it. My Plus sub ends in Dec.

ravens5219d ago

Me too lol. Black Friday is the only chance of me renewing. But I have all the games from when ps5 came out. Soooooo many ps4 games and a bunch of ps3 ps+ games. All soon to be gone cause fuck that $80. I'll just buy what games I want.

InUrFoxHole19d ago

That's one of the best features. Adding to library without having to download it

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cammers199519d ago

It was so bad it killed the developer.

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Class_Viceroy19d ago

This is what most people do to even good games, including gamepass. Kind of funny when you think about it.

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cammers199519d ago (Edited 19d ago )

They're tracking just the ones who downloaded it not kept playing. These are people seeing if it's good.
How about report numbers of people who kept playing.

Saints row reboot was an embarrassment to the franchise and it killed the developer.

Elda19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I played the entire game of SR & for me the gameplay experience wasn't bad especially for a PS+ game.