2022 Preview: Saints Row is defying expectations again, but in a new way

Could Volition's dialled back reboot be exactly what the series needs?

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annoyedgamer143d ago

Previews need to be renamed to Promotions.

SenorFartCushion143d ago

Yeah, it’s annoying. Marketing has become journalism and journalism has become marketing.

It’s quite sick really. It keeps AAA games AAA, regardless of how many As they lose upon release.

sourOG142d ago

What’s up with the weird VGC articles lately? I thought they were one of the few legit sites still around lol. I’m pretty sure it was them trying to rehash the Harry Potter author shit too. Now saints row is “defying the odds again by scaling back” lol. Saying “f**k you” to the fanbase isn’t a saints row tradition lol. Not saying they did, but this article is trying to say that. Why though? It’s just a weird opinion piece. I guess you need articles on the slow days too lmao?

Kaii142d ago

Glanced at the review section on their website & for Fifa 22 which netted 4/5* rating they said, "When you’re 29 games into a long-running series, it’s probably fair to say that innovation can be hard to come by".

Yeah, people throwing money at roster updates somehow justifies the $60 spent.

The scoring system is way too generous to the publishers cutting deals with these websites for early access dibs, BF 2042 nets 3/5 score but Kena gets the exact same 3/5 score. Triple AAA studio vs studio Ember Lab 1st game release.

I know my post is basically off-topic but it rubs me up the wrong way when you get these websites when paid by the publisher just "gush" over the product in X amount of months time.

Stonilein142d ago

I hope the driving dosent suck ass again this time, vehicles in saints row lacked weight

Rachel_Alucard142d ago

This is the kind of game you make when your only info on modern teens is twitter and tiktok.

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