The Alex Battaglia Collection: Digital Foundry's Best Games of 2021

Digital Foundry's rankings for the best games of 2021 continue, with each staff member contributing their favorites for the year. And now, with a strong PC focus, comes Alex Battaglia with his eclectic selection.

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monkey602139d ago

Forgive me Father looks so good

RaidenBlack139d ago

The game needs more widespread attention.

monkey602139d ago

And dare I say it! ...... a console port? :D

gravedigger139d ago

Yep. It awesome. Graphics style reminds me on XIII with bing, bang, slash words, LOL.

Also, he loves Returnal

monkey602139d ago

I got Returnal for Christmas so I'm looking forward to finally playing it.

XIII was a great game on the PS2 its a shame they made a complete balls of the remake

TheDoomedGuy139d ago

More and more indie titles seem vastly more inspired than triple A games.

One of these I might make the shift to buying only indies...or at least have them be like 80% of my game purchases.

monkey602139d ago

They definitely made up the majority of my 2021. The indie game sales are my favourite ones