Gaming Age Review: AXPro True 5.1 Gaming Headphones

Gaming Age writes: "I've run through a number of headphones recently. Between my electronic drum kit and keeping my game room noise output at a minimum for the rest of the family, headphones have been key in my daily life. I've previously reviewed TRITTON's AX360s, and now we'll see how the AXPros compare.

My biggest beef with the AX360 headphones was the sheer size of the headset, the decoder box, and all the wires. As I started unpacking the AXPro headphones, everything was pretty much the same, big headset, big decoder box, and even two A/C adapters this time instead of one. The headphones still sit on top of your head like a construction hard hat, but at least they fit a little better than last go round. The silver style is decent looking but pales in comparison to the chique Phiaton headphones."

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