Thunderbolt Review: LocoRoco 2

LocoRoco 2 is insanely cute. There, it had to be said. Imagine a list of the cutest games to ever grace our beloved culture and right there at the top would be LocoRoco 2 - yes, even above its forebear. If there was a cuteness competition between videogame characters, then yellow LocoRoco Kulche would go home with the trophy without question. Yet when it comes down to it all these statements are simply not enough to convey just how cute LocoRoco 2 is.

It's the kind of game you want nestled in your coat pocket as you walk places in the cold, the kind of game you want to give every family member for Christmas so you can all enjoy its exploits collectively. If you've ever felt down this is the game to raise your spirits, it'll grab your face and put a big smile on it ten times the size of happiness. The game itself may not have changed much from the first game, but who ever said winning formulas needed changing?

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