Wholesome Destiny 2 Clip Shows Enemy Team Sacrifice Themselves for Another Player

A wholesome Destiny 2 clip shows a group of players sacrificing themselves to give an automatic victory to an outnumbered opponent.

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rippermcrip143d ago

Wow a whole article written for this. Then approved as "news" in here.

dbcoops143d ago

Its news, good news, the kind we need. Honestly rather see this than another pointless PS5 vs. xbox comparison video that's really only ever posted here to get people arguing.

Welshy142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

I agree with the sentiment, but the truth is that stuff like this happens all the time, if this is what is deemed as "news" then brace for a tidal wave of news that would make even the number of "xbox vs ps" articles blush.

My capture gallery is full of little moments like this article, they are meant for montages or short youtube videos on personal YouTube channels, not spread to the broader community as some kind of unique event that couldn't be seen in a million online games at any time.

waverider143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Its really cool. Fair play from the other team. Yes, this is news. Much better then the tons of payed crap "news" trying to hype a spin stuff....

sourOG143d ago

Literal participation trophy.

Saijahn143d ago

They should've each 1 v 1'd him or her