Is Gaming Really a Spectator Sport?

"The creation of a competition entirely for TV presupposes that enough people want to watch other people play video games for money that broadcasting it is a profitable business plan. To put things in perspective, a cable television show (which also requires a subscription, like satellite TV) in North America needs to be pulling ~500,000 viewers per episode to be a viable series.

The world viewing record for Half-Life TV is 39,500 simultaneous users, at the Cyberathlete Professional League finals in 2004. As far as gaming goes, that's a magnificent number, but a far cry from the audience needed to sustain an "in your living room" broadcast. One other thing to consider in the bigger picture is that TV broadcasts of gaming events rarely, if ever, include the game from beginning to end. What does this mean?

It means that you can't really compare a broadcast of a video game competition to a broadcast of American football or baseball, because competitive gaming broadcasts are often spliced into a highlight reel format."

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eclipsegryph4906d ago

I'll sit and watch the wife play Zelda, or my roommate play Grand Theft Auto III, or either of them play Oblivion, but I can't imagine watching them play some FPS for a lengthy period of time. I certainly wouldn't pay to watch someone else play a video game. It just seems counter-intuitive to what a video game really is.

Dragonopolis4906d ago

a 3 hour movie, golf, bowling, a Race Car that goes around the same track for hours. Heck, even the more popular Football, Basketball, and Soccer can get boring.

It's all about what people find interesting. The problem with video games is that it is not easy to pin point what the audience will sit down for.

I too find that I enjoy watching others play at times but I don't have any preferences.

fishyfish7774906d ago

do you guys watch G4TV? Video game channel is mostly watching people play.

Dragonopolis4906d ago

I had a choice between watching G4 or playing one of my games, chances are I'm playing...............