Fans reimagine BioShock Infinite as SNES demake

Even 2K approves of this fan-made BioShock Infinite demake.

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IanTH149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I was curious how they'd handle the demake version of combat & traversal on the iconic sky tracks. I see they did so by not recreating far enough in the game to show it off in action lol. Guess I kinda thought the point of these was to try to show how modern game mechanics would play out if developed on consoles of yore, but was at least a neat visual translation.

spicelicka148d ago

The purpose is just to create an art piece, I think the rest can be imagined. You can imagine the sky tracks as they show it, except they would obviously be running from one side of the screen to other, with you being able to jump or down to change tracks as obstacles/enemies show up on your existing track. Any point where your character travels in the third dimension can be shown as a scripted scene.

Outlawzz148d ago

Lol you want them to recreate the entire game now geez...

IanTH148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Not THAT extreme lol. I don't want to expound too much on things, as I feel like it comes off as me thumbing my nose at something someone did for fun in their free time, but it just feels like the more unique thing would have been to see how it could have worked as a game 30ish years ago.

If they just wanted to do art, I guess it feels like they could have done just a few still screens or something; the opening elevator ride to the clouds was certainly cool, though. I think it could have been interesting to see how they would have interpreted plasmids into sprite-form.

Still cool, mind. I think had it said something about an art piece, my expectations would have been properly set. I don't know, guess I just had seen things recently like the PS1 Bloodborne demake & had different expectations. Given I can't do any of it, they still get impressed props from me regardless lol.

Knightofelemia148d ago

I would seriously buy it just to collect it and try it out. Bioshock Infinite is one of my favorite games I would be curious to see how a Genesis port would look like or even a PS1 version.

ArmorOfGod148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Excellently demake of the introductory cutscene. Really captures the spirit while remaining true to the SNES’ limitations. Seems this is part of a series so will have to check the rest of their channel!