Today’s free game from Epic is a little Zelda, a little Diablo, and has D&D roots

Get your spellcrafting on in the latest free game from Epic

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IanTH148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Late approval process lol. Today's free game is "Moving Out", another one of those kinda casual co-op games with funky controls and "physics" designed for frustrationy-fun. Already had it & Mages of Mystralia from bundles, so hopefully there's something good tomorrow.

1nsomniac148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Salt and sanctuary tomorrow

…Mages any good then? Claimed it, yet to try it tho.

IanTH148d ago

Sadly, I hadn't tried Mages yet either. Installed & ready to go, but unplayed :-/

How do you know S&S is coming tomorrow? There were definitely some leaks this time around, but I hadn't seen any mentioned past Prey. And I own S&S on Vita/PS4, so yet another free game I sadly already own lol.

Hope springs eternal for the day after, then.

1nsomniac148d ago

The entire list was leaked on the 19th. S&S tomorrow followed by Tomb Raider Trilogy to finish it off the following day.