The Bender - Episode 024 - Biohazard 5, Ninja Turtles, and Perry our Intern

On this week's The Bender podcast, we allow Perry our intern to join in, discussing the new Playstation Home Beta, thoughts on why isn't buying UGO instead of the other way around, and wtf is up with Time Magazine thinking they are relevant to gaming all of a sudden.

Show notes-

We have been playing: Assassins Creed (PS3), PixelJunk Monster (PS3), Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360), Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360), Street Fighter HD Remix (PSN), Playstation Home Bowling (PS3), Lost Planet Extreme - Extreme Colonies Edition (Xbox 360)

Playstation Home talk


Atari buys Cryptic Studios

Ubisoft is not pleased with this news

Team Ninja and the Smash Bros. Brawl guys working on a new TMNT

Capcom is on to those RE5 rippers

Is Jill dead!?!?

UGO to buy 1UP?

WoW leads to college dropouts?

Soulja Boy video game. We groan and move on

The Non News:

Where is Time Splitters 2 on the 2002 list!?

Time Magazine Best of 2008 List

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