Dragon Quest X Offline for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC Delayed to Summer 2022

Today Square Enix announced that it has decided to delay the Japanese release of Dragon Quest X Offline to the summer of 2022.

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DarkZane150d ago

It hurts when I see people report stuff about a game that is never going to be localized.

annoyedgamer150d ago

That is probably for the best. Localization here means censored.

Outlawzz150d ago

Huh ?? You rather not play the game at all lol a little extreme imo

pietro1212150d ago

Calm down, that's a bit extreme. Its a shame the game isn't going to be released overseas.

Spenok149d ago

The PS4 isn't region locked. So you could always snag one of those.

Tapani149d ago

I'm actually very interested in this! Cleared every single DQ mainline game. However, X offline does look quite rough and basic. If they flesh out the core, this could be good. Just like DQV PS2 version is one of the best turn-based games ever made.

In the end, X offline cannot top XI, which puts it to a strange place. It seems like SE cannot decide if they should bet on a cash grab or a good game. Delaying the game is leaning towards the latter, which is good!