Gamers do not have taste: Valkyria Chronicles is selling very poorly

Today another proof surfaced that gamers do not have taste and are destroying the sales of every original game. Valkyria Chronicles is the next victim. Click on read more for the full story.

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kodiak3598d ago

its normal
this game is overrated

thereapersson3598d ago

Yet another disgrace to gaming. You need to leave immediately.

Information Minister3598d ago

Go back to your derivative shooters, would you kindly?

AAACE53598d ago

I believe it could be a really fun game, but people see the name "SEGA" and run the other way! I was hoping that this game would hit 360... but since it's not, i'll have another game to pick up when I get a Ps3!

I hope gamers do come around and embrace this one...

hazeblaze3598d ago

Whatever, from what I played of the game it is the best strategy rpg out this gen. It's a shame that it's not selling better... I had to put off purchasing it b/c of all the other games I had to get this holiday. That's why developers shouldn't be putting out all their games on the holiday... This game would have sold better over the summer.

gaffyh3598d ago

IMO, it's cos it is an SRPG. This game seems good (from what I played in the demo), but I am very reluctant to buy it because the only SRPG I have liked is Jeanne D'Arc (and Advance Wars to a certain extent, it got boring after the first game).

If it was just a standard JRPG it would probably have sold very well.

va_bank3598d ago

I can't say wether this game is overrated, but it's definately not my type of game. I downloaded the demo and didn't enjoy it. I liked the art and presentation, but I'm just not into these type of games. This is something for more hardcore gamer I guess.

season0073598d ago

its kinda recession proof but if you have got like 4-5 games to pick, you still won't get them all at the same time

Say for owners with only PS3
LBP, R2, COD-WAW, VC, Fallout, Rockband 2...etc. or if you are interested in particular stuff maybe you would get WWE or Naurto

Even if it is affordable to pay 300-400bucks for all these games
its not like you get the time to play it all

facepalm3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

The issue with this game is that it's extremely niche... And even within this niche they added game mechanics that pretty much drove away much of the players...

But especially with the US' case I think they timed everything poorly...

This game should not have been released on a day that had 60+ game releases which includes 2 other PS3 exclusive (Resistance 2, Naruto), proven franchises that people would bet their money on. Since this game is a new IP most people would hesitant to buy it.

(The original schedule release date in the US was actually a better choice since it didn't contain any PS3 exclusive games or even that many PS3 games in general... But NOOOOOOOooooo, they just had to push it forward a week earlier.)

Just like "Mirror's Edge", this is a game that should have been released around January or March of next year where there are a few or even no high profile releases...

SEGA made really bad moves when releasing this title and now it got lost in amidst the large pile of established franchises, sequels, and shooters...

I'm one of the 33K that bought this game in the convinced several of my friends who own PS3s to get this game...Since SEGA won't advertise here, I would gladly do the job for them!!

JsonHenry3598d ago

I enjoyed this game, even though I thought it was kinds short. But I agree - this game is a **little** over-rated.

thisguywithhair3598d ago

I'm sorry but it sounds like you are all saying that a game that YOU like should be selling better. Does it ever occur to anyone that just because you like the game doesn't mean that it will do well.

You guys also seem to think that just because a person doesn't like a game that you like that they are unenlightened gamers. Maybe they just don't like cartoony graphics with a simplistic gameplay and a mediocre story. A litle over-hyped? I just want the time I wasted the demo back, let alone renting the actual game.

[email protected]3598d ago

@ kodiak.
Ur are an overated

@ Information Minister
Hahahaha, great Bioshock referred XD

Bnet3433598d ago

This game has a very steep learning curve which actually turned me off from playing the demo longer then 5 minutes so I can see why others would give up and not buy it.

prowiew3597d ago

I think it is because ps3 gamers do not buy games. I bought a copy of the game but with all the games this season, its there waiting to be played.

Quickstrike3597d ago

WTF overrated? Have you played this game? its so great I don't think they invented a word do describe how good this game is

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B-Rein3598d ago

this game is sooooooo underrated sony hype it up a bit advertise it, its actually a very good game loads my friends and etc loved it after plying it around mine and bought their own copy. (by the way they aint even n4g users so the never knew it was out)

its actually a very good rpg, good gameplay (it may look akward at first)

and its the only rpg this gen that got over 9 by ign

cmon this is an exellent rpg thats unoticed, sony needs to advertise these good games i know many people that dont even know about this game but when tehy play it they love it

Chester_B3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Well the gameplay might be great, but I think most people have a problem with the art direction of this game (myself included). Although the painted look is great, the characterdesign and the whole setting is quite strange and might not appeal to western gamers so much.

JsonHenry3598d ago

This game is not an RPG...

ChampIDC3598d ago

It does have some RPG elements. It's a very mixed bag of a game.

I think the sales will pick up once people are done with all the other huge releases from this season. Games like this really make me want to get a PS3. It sucks that I don't have the money for it right now.

Homicide3598d ago

SRPGs don't sell very well. I did lower than I expected though. Still, it's a great game. One of the best this year.

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trpride3598d ago

It isn't Sony their job to advertise it, but it's the job of Sega. Sega should have advertised this game instead of Sonic Unleashed

DarkRaverNL3598d ago

It really makes me sad that great games like Valkyria or Mirror's Edge are selling so bad, while games like Far Cry 2, Sonic and the new Need for Speed are selling much better.

Gamers... I'll never understand them

Hagaf223598d ago

because people like established ips, which is why you used sequels as your examples, trust me i would much rather play mirrors edge than need for speed, but in gaming familiarity goes along way.

Ju3598d ago

See, I don't really care if they sell good or bad. I am happy they exist. Studios try to do different things, and that's good. I can enjoy a game no matter if it sell 10k or 1M. The only thing which would concern me, if the studios would stop making them because they go broke by doing so. Hope that's not the case. Its on my shopping list. But haven't had a chance to get it yet. I am so thru with my holidays budget, sadly...

Johnny Rotten3598d ago

Since this game has come out I've only been able to find it at Blockbuster, I've never once seen it at EB or Walmart so I always just assumed it was produced in low quantities.

btw I live in Canada.

pilotpistolpete3598d ago

Me too. I went to EB games and couldnt find it

joemayo763598d ago

took me a while but i found my copy in downtown toronto (Eatons Centre)and i friggin love this game, really hope (but realistically looks unlikely) this game sells better, if not i may have to snag another copy for collecting purposes,who knows it may be a future collectors game (ala valkyrie profile ps1 or legend of zelda NES)

Doctor Strange3598d ago

I was wondering if people had the same problem as me trying to find the game when it came out. My Wal-mart, Target, Toys-R-Us didnt have the game when it come out and the Gamestop I got it from only had a limited number. Sega main focus was on Sonic when they should have split the attention and marketing for both.

No FanS Land3598d ago

I found it in an EB. However I had it imported through

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