Is the MGS Theme Really a Case of Plagiarism? Listen and Decide

Konami has revealed that MGS4 lacked the series' iconic theme due to claims of plagiarism involving a Russian composition from the 1970s. Metal Gear composer Norihikio Hibino (who didn't write the theme) doesn't seem to think that's true at all.

GameCyte has pulled several clips from the Russian composition which best match up against the MGS theme. Is it really a case of plagiarism, or is it a more likely case of inspiration? Listen and decide for yourself.

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GameCyteSean3600d ago

I am not a musician, and I have nothing against Iwase's work, but my money's on unintentional plagiarism. Guy was probably going through loads of Cold War music to find strains he could introduce into the final product, and after one long night he woke up the next morning with the perfect song in his head.

In a perfect world, there would be no lawsuits and no money would change hands -- Konami would simply acknowledge the influence and publicly disseminate that confession, the Russians would release the track as a nice digital download, and both parties would continue to rake in the cash from MGS fans.

ahnonamis3600d ago

That's actually a really good theory. I'm leaning more toward the "he used it as an inspiration for a portion of the MGS theme and didn't think people would consider it plagiarism, because it's only a minor similarity" side, but yours is just as likely.

Nathan Drake3600d ago

I work in the music industry,and the claim of plagiarism here has very weak legs to stand on

pixelsword3600d ago

...expending your resume, eh?

devilhunterx3600d ago

Old news is old. Also its a good thing you guys arent fan of bollywood music and movies.

Batzi3600d ago

The main theme of MGS was way better than that russian music and excluding it from MGS4 was the most stupidest thing ever Kojima and Konami would do. If there was to be a Metal Gear Solid movie or MGS5, Kojima/KONAMI better buy the rights for this music because this piece of music(which is my favorite in the series and the one that inspired me to listen and pay attention to more soundtracks)is a music of hope and MATCHES the Metal Gear storyline very very well. I hope Kojima and KONAMI reconsider their decisions of removing such awesome music from such an awesome franchise.

OuterHaven3600d ago

definitely more inspiration than plagiarism. Besides the didn't mind it in MGS2, only came out and said they can't use it after realizing how popular it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.