Most Disappointing PC Games Releases Of 2021

DSOGaming : 2021 was a really weird year for PC gaming. Although we didn’t see a lot of games that had performance/tech issues, we did witness some questionably PC releases. From minimal PC graphics settings to really awful stuttering issues, these are the most disappointing PC game releases of 2021.

For this list, we’ve decided to only include triple-A games. The reason we are only including these high-profile games is simple. These games come from some of the biggest companies, so you’d expect their PC versions to be more polished than some PC indie games (or even double-A games). Also note that the following games are listed in no particular order.

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RaiderNation152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

For me it was Destruction All-Stars. I really liked the graphical presentation and the gameplay mechanics. However it just lacked content. It was released as a completely hollow, bare bones experience that was really never built/improved on. The game had "Rocket League" potential but post-launch support has been non existent.

ocelot07152d ago

Didn't realise that was a PC game?

RaiderNation152d ago

Shit! I missed the "PC" part of the title LOL!

RedDevils151d ago

Don't worry it will end up a PC game in couple of months.

ocelot07151d ago


Yup for £70 and exclusive to the Epic Game Store no doubt 😂

Atticus_finch151d ago

Same at least we didn't have to pay for it.

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Limitedtimestruggle152d ago

Battlefield 2042 for me...that game took a steep nosedive down the ugly tree, and hit every damn branch on it's way down. What a complete disaster launch and a huge letdown.

CaptainHenry916152d ago

Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite for me

QSPR151d ago

For me Battlefield 2042 is the disappointing PC game of all times!

Putnum151d ago

Promise me you'll lower your expectations for the next one.

Viljong152d ago

Pc guys are so sour for far cry 6 hd texture pack requiring atleast 12gb vram from gpu. Meanwhile consoles run it high/ultra settings and the hd texture pack and smooth 60fps no issues. Pc also stutters. Not to mention limited RT require 3080 for 30fps. Them you cam forget ultra settings and texture packs. And the gpu alone cost like 1500e

XbladeTeddy152d ago

They had to limit RT as its an AMD sponsored title so had to conform to what AMD cards can realistically achieve with ray tracing, which is not great compared to Nvidia GPUs. Also the 12GB texture requirement was more a marketing thing for AMD cards. 8GB cards could run the textures.

SPAM-FRITTER-123152d ago

You seem to be saying lots of words that match that of developer problems. So my PC can run ARMA 3 in 4k on ultra but FC6 wont? I mean we dont really care for FC6 because its a garbage game. Also your console is running it on ultra at 60fps?

ProjectVulcan152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The game was full of minor technical issues on consoles as well as PC. Plenty of stutter and frame drops on PS5 and Series X, the worst issue of any version is on the console versions. This is the camera stutter that can hit any time you pan and get weird frame pacing. This is not present on PC, although all versions have traversal stutter.

The PC version on AMD cards ran the HD texture pack even if you only had 8GB of VRAM at lower resolutions since it allocated a lot more video memory but never actually used it. You did need at least 12GB for the full native 4K resolution with ray tracing enabled- neither of which the consoles actually do anyway. PS5 for example averages about 1800p, or only about 65 percent of native 4K.

In short the game wasn't remotely perfect no matter what platform you chose. In fact it was a mediocre title overall, one of the worst Far Cry games made thus far as the reviews also bear out. Nobody is that bothered about it.

If you troll do better next time.

ChubbyBlade151d ago

You mean people are mad the product they bought isn’t optimized properly and they need a GPU you can’t get to run it properly due to that poor optimization? What a shocker

Limitedtimestruggle151d ago

Lol I'm not touching Ubisoft stuff. They are so…Ubisoft.

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XbladeTeddy152d ago

Glad he mentioned Halo Infinite, the reviews seemed to completely miss the awful performance on PC.

Si-Fly152d ago

Playing on a 9600k with a 3070 at 1440p and performance is decent for me.

XbladeTeddy152d ago

Yeah, the frame rates are fine it's the stuttering and out of sync animations causing problems. Digital Foundry covered it in detail.

Elit3Nick152d ago

Stuttering can be (at least partially) rectified by uninstalling the Campaign HD textures pack.

camel_toad152d ago (Edited 152d ago )


I had the stuttering with an rtx 3080 but the one thing that finally fixed it for me was just disabling gamebar's recording feature. Works fine if I'm using shadowplay's recording features so it's strange that MS's own app was the culprit.

It's run perfectly ever since I disabled it. And it's some good fun too. Graphically it actually looks a lot better than I expected but I did have mediocre expectations.

CaptainHenry916152d ago

I'm playing on a 3080 and I still think the performance is mediocre. I started to play Guardians of the Galaxy and never look back. Better story and better performance. I probably won't even go back to Halo Infinite

ChubbyBlade151d ago

That’s because it’s a 3070. My 1080ti struggles at 1080p in the open world during large battles.

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Si-Fly152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

For the stuttering I made min and max frames the same, running at 120fps. I’m also using a Gsync ultimate monitor, not sure whether that is helping but it’s smooth as butter. If I don’t match min and max the game is stuttery.

pietro1212151d ago

It doesn't play well on PC? I was planning on building a PC within the next two years and I also wanted to download it on the steam deck I don't a lot about PC gaming besides some RPG stuff. My brother in law is helping me with the gaming rig.

ChubbyBlade151d ago

It plays fine, it’s just not optimized well at the moment.

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