First Ever LEGO Sonic Set Seemingly Leaked Online Ahead Of Release

The much-beloved Sonic franchise's LEGO debut has leaked online after months of speculation.

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SinisterMister151d ago

I have a question: Do adults play with LEGOs too?

Rocosaurus151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Sure, i myself love building the large sets released recently. My latest addition is the 3000 piece count 1989 lego batmobile.

XbladeTeddy150d ago

I think you'll find more adults play with it than kids. It's very therapeutic.

Teflon02150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

More adults playing with Lego than kids... no lmao I promise you. Adults CANT keep up with how much kids play with Lego. Adults buy more than what's bought for kids. But adults build the set and generally call it a day. Kids build whatever on their mind, destroy it and build something new tmrw while every adult stares and admires their masterpiece.

A kid that can play with a low end Lego set e every day for years ain't being topped by Lego enthusiast who put their builds in trophy cases and such. I don't know a single adult who just plays with Legos casually without the objective to finish a build and keep it that way

CrimsonWing69150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Sure, why couldn’t they? It’s like asking if adults play video games.

Terry_B150d ago

Are adults playing video games?

Teflon02150d ago

Lego is a kids toy that became a enthusiast thing as well. Video games is an all ages pass time. That's not even a relevant comparison even if there's no issue with adults using Lego.

SinisterMister148d ago

Definitely not bud. That comparison is way off.
On a side note, I'm actually really surprised at the number of downvotes I got. I was genuinely concerned if this is something adults take interest in too or not. Was supposed to be quite simple, but guess not.

OtterX150d ago

Yep. It's great that I have the "excuse" of my 5 year old, but I really don't need it.

I don't see myself pretend playing with the characters like I used to, but I have a blast building things.

No shame in it, man! Go for it, get you some. :)

Terry_B150d ago

Yes, whenever their women have no time, adult men always play with LEGO.

CDbiggen150d ago

I asked this question when I saw the Friends Central Perk set.

YodaCracker150d ago

There’s an 18+ section on the LEGO site. Mostly large and complicated sets like architecture.

dbcoops150d ago

Yep. I've seen shows on TV where people go to Lego Conventions to show off their builds and all of the people are adults.

camel_toad150d ago

My question is how did this become the hottest article on N4G?

yoshatabi150d ago

Lmao that's what I'm wondering

NotoriousWhiz150d ago

Holidays mean slow news days.

Neonridr150d ago

I build the larger sets to display. That's about it.

InUrFoxHole149d ago

No self respecting adult does.

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jznrpg150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

My daughters would love these but I hate LEGO’s , they suck to step on (they are 4&5 and leave them everywhere) . They will want these but my wife will veto them

Teflon02150d ago

RIP poor feet. Gotta walk the home in slippers if you want to survive Lego doomsday

MightyHealthy150d ago

Yeah, I wear my slides in the house, more so bc the dog is known to have an accident from time to time.

OtterX150d ago

Yea, they suck to step on, which is why we keep ours on the dining table whenever it isn't being used.

My wife doesn't care for or understand the appeal of Legos either, but she's just happy to see all the bonding time it creates between me and my daughter. Use that as your selling point towards her! ;)

Abnor_Mal150d ago

This is great, Legos are fun to build and many oriole get very creative with their builds like the life size Bugatti that goes twelve miles an hour.

At first I actually thought this article was for the Horizon Zero Dawn tallneck build I saw the other day on my Google feed.

Orchard150d ago

This looks pretty neat. Cue the normal Lego-famous IP crossover pricing though.

MightyHealthy150d ago

Legos can make you big $$, the biggest drawback is you need space to store boxes.

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