GTTV: Episode 130

Gametrailers writes,

"Chapter 1: Metal Gear is a Little Big?
Our insiders give their thoughts on two of the PS3's biggest - MGS4 & LittleBigPlanet! Also, PS3 & Xbox 360 GOTY user poll!

Chapter 2: Can GTA IV Steal the Show?
Did Niko's tale speed into our memory or just cause traffic? Plus, Amanda with the fans, and Wii & PC GOTY user poll!

Chapter 3: Falling for Fallout?
Water Chips, G.E.C.K.S. and Nuka Cola - oh my! How did Bethesda's opus stand with our insiders? Also, the GOTY user poll!

Chapter 4: Gears 2 & GOTY Predictions
How did the next installment of the Gears saga stand up to our insiders? Plus, we get their coveted predictions for VGA GOTY."

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panasonic233600d ago

it offical gta4 is goty o well