The Angry Pixel Review: Need For Speed Undercover

After the less than lukewarm response to Need for Speed: Carbon and the unmitigated disaster that was Need for Speed: ProStreet, EA and Black Box were pretty sure that they finally had a winner in their hands in form of Need for Speed: Undercover. More so when you take into consideration how long time fans of the series have been clamouring for more of NFS dipped in the same goodness that made Most Wanted so enjoyable. So, having nothing better to do than to appease the fans and gain back some of the lost ground that the series had to concede to other stellar racing titles this year, Black Box decided to throw the cops into the mix again, introduce a new "Heroic Driving Engine" (HDE) and pray to every conceivable god and set fire to little effigies and hope that this is the winning formula that will get the gamers flocking back to them again.

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