Need For Speed Series Coming To An End?

Like many gaming corporations, EA has been hit with the reality of a declining economy, and is bit-by-bit cutting back on their expenses. News has emerged across the net, claiming that EA's Black Box division will be eventually shut down, meaning that future Need For Speed titles may soon see no light of day.

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MUGEN5692d ago

I hope they do, NFS went down hill since most wanted and even then I would rather play Hot Pursuit 2.

Danja5692d ago

Hot Pursuit 2 is the last great game in the Franchise IMO...

but I agree this franchise can be put to rest now....

Midnight Club is better

SaiyanFury5692d ago

NFS came to an end after the PS game Need for Speed 3. Since then it's become an arcade style racing game more than a simulation. I loved the original Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed, but after that it went downhill. I tried Carbon but found it very average. Gran Turismo is the last bastion for my racing games.

Kleptic5692d ago

yeah it hasn't been NFS since the PS1 era imo...I can't remember HP2, but owned the first HP, as well as High Stakes for the PS1...and they were a lot of fun back then, with great cars...

but since then its been very NFS: ghetto 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...not one decent game in the franchise for years...and the franchise gets like 8 games a year...

who knows though...EA is usually pretty good at pointing its anus in gamer's directions with this kind of stuff...if its not NFS, they'll just ghetto up some other once decent franchise...so their really is no real way to win...

hay5692d ago

Hot Pursuit 3 would be awesome. First one was incredibly fun.

BrianC62345692d ago

If EA is smart they'll make a real Need for Speed game. Enough of this Underground garbage. I'd like to see a game with graphics like GT5 Prologue but a Need for Speed game. With great police chases. Give us a real Need for Speed game with next gen graphics. I think that would sell great.

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Hot_tea5692d ago (Edited 5692d ago )

They ruined the franchise with this 'kiddie' street racing crap.
Night time street racers bore the pants off me.
Hot Pursuit 2 on the ps2 was so awesome, what happened????

Antan5692d ago

NFS Should never of changed from the early days. It was all about the exotic cars racing over lush winding country roads. For me last Test Drive is what NFS should of been. I await the next TD installment with high hopes.

Kleptic5692d ago

EA could remake the original or NFS 2 in HD with all those exotic cars...for the PS3 and 360...and make an absolute killing I would imagine...it WAS a great franchise...and had a very strong brand, and always had the best cars (if you remember, the original GT was trashed by NFS car wise, as NFS had all the licenses to the best cars)...

then came Paul Walker and that absolute disgrace of a movie...that made a ton of money...and here we are today...EA still milking that same hardened teet as much as possible...

NFS is crap now...unless they try to return to the roots of the series, i'll never bother even looking in a NFS game's direction...

HDgamer5692d ago

Thats pretty much the only games I liked from the whole series. If they made a sequel to that just like Underground 2, custom music, better cars, custom tracks and missions. I would pay for that, but if its gone then its gone.

Skynetone5692d ago

it felt so real at the time, that i was afraid to crash, and when you did crash the crash sequence was amazing, and the sence of speed was amazing

i really thought that it was going to become the most realistic driving game ever

what i really want from a driving game is a sequence where your driving up a twisting hill and you get stuck behind a convoy of trucks and you have to time your moves to make it threw and maybe a few cops in the mix

to be honest devolpers just dont deliver the goods