The History of the Relationship Between Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions

Though they might exist on opposite ends of the world, Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions share a strange but sincere relationship.

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Scissorman82142d ago

Here's hoping Kojima's next big project utilizes the Decima Engine again.

Gamer79142d ago

Don't think they will let him use it on an xbox exclusive.

Tspite142d ago

This "Xbox" exclusive was once a Google Stadia project. Because of affairs in recent years with Google Stadia's studios and support studios, Kojima either had to scrap the project or go to someone else who had Cloud technology... Only other logical player was Microsoft....

If you look at Sony's official partner studios, Kojima Productions is still listed. Kojima is still working with Playstation (also keep in mind Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games have very close ties to eachother)..

Kojima would be allowed to make other games for other platforms and I'm willing to bet the next game after this Cloud project is either a PlayStation game or it is multi-plat.

Combinator142d ago

His next project is Death Stranding 2.

The game sold over 5 million before the Directors Cut release and Norman Reedus has pretty much confirmed it.

It's far more likely that Kojima Productions becomes an official PlayStation Studio than his next game being an xbox exclusive.

Scissorman82142d ago

Kojima has stated he wanted to do small scale projects alongside big budget titles. I sense the MS title is something on the smaller side, hence why I said that I hope his next big project utilizes Decima.

porkChop142d ago

"I sense the MS title is something on the smaller side"

Kojima is working with Xbox to build a game based around cloud technology. Think of it like the Strand concept in Death Stranding, but he wants to further explore what's possible. That isn't going to be a small scale game.

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Yui_Suzumiya142d ago

It is.. Abandoned is the codename for the project

porkChop142d ago

Bro. Let it go. Kojima isn't involved with Blue Box or Abandoned.

pietro1212142d ago

Bro, Abandon isn’t a Kojima project. Lol

Ethereal141d ago

Time will tell, won't it? :)