NPD Top 20 Shows Where Fable II, Animal Crossing Landed

You've already seen the top ten best-selling games in the U.S. from November, but what about the top twenty? Surely there were some titles you'd expect to be represented - and some you might not.

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sak5003595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Wow Wii is purely a under 15 console. I can't imagine ever playing any of its games. Still it shared 7 slots in top 20 with 360. PS3 however is only able to match 2 games of ps2 in top 20. Sad day indeed.

Btw, what happened to "LBP released in end of oct, so we'll wait for november figures"?


I'm sure you'll find 100s of news/stories on n4g touting B&K, LIps and you're in movies to be killing ps3, GOTY, million console seller, been in development for years, only with "Teh Power of 360"... RIGHT???

Nathan Drake3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Definitely sad,Banjo Kazooie completely tanked-'Lips' and 'You're In The Movies' as well.

This makes you wonder;Are Rare next on the chopping block?

edit:So that's the excuse for it's atrocious sales,it's not as popular as LBP which has sold over a Million copies worldwide?Interesting.

Chrissy3595d ago

''Btw, what happened to "LBP released in end of oct, so we'll wait for november figures"?''

Wait for december

AAACE53595d ago

I think you are nothing but a fanboy! Do you even care about Ps3 or it's games? You seem to be more concerned with the 360 and everything about it!

Are you sure you don't have a love/hate thing for 360 (you love it so much that you hate it)?

At least compare 360 games to Ps3 games or something!

TVC153595d ago

"Are Rare next on the chopping block? "

"Are rare"


well while you've been playing the "large" number of "good" ps3 games this year, I see you've been struggling to pass elementary school!

lol "are rare"

Captain_Sony3595d ago

You dont want to play the highest rated game this gen??? Oh and you probably call yourself a gamer Something tells me you're in the 15 and under crowd....

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Nathan Drake3595d ago

Don't tell me it didn't even crack the top 20 in it's first month of release?

sak5003595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Dont worry, B&K has long legs will sell well over next few years. Yeah, and also lets wait for Chirstmas sales, and also jan, feb, m....dec 2009 . You know the drill, i'm sure u guys know more about it.


I'm sure you'll be there in comments section.

Nathan Drake3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

I doubt it has the kind of legs like say Ratchet&Clank:Tools of Destruction(over a Million copies sold worldwide),to be honest right now Banjo Kazooie:Nuts&Bolts is definitely looking like a critical and commercial failure.

Edit:Checking that link it does look like Europe carried LittleBigPlanet to the Million copies sold mark,considering the Ps3 has a much larger install base than the 360 in EU it's not really a surprise to most.

BrotherSic3594d ago

Critical failure? if it wasn't for the Wired review, the game would be over 80 on metacritic.

Chicken Chaser3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

@ Nathan Drake

1. Banjo wasn't well received by critics and who knows how bad it sold.

2.LBP didn't rank either and there was no excuse this had a full month for getting sales

3.Nobody knows if LBP sold 1 million stop making false claims ..because those early reports of LBP selling a million were debunked ..because VGchartz numbers were actually a lot higher than those reported by the NPD in Oct and by sony in NOV .. ( oct- 215k- Nov 145k) and no one knows about EU.

4.Ps3 does NOT have a much larger install base than the 360

..oh BTW Sad as it sounds..a failure a failure.. what do you do with high reviews (LBP) ..if its not going to reach people's homes?

Omega43595d ago

Both LBP and MS2 failed to make the top 20, no wonder LBP is still struggling to reach that 1ml mark

I wonder if Sony is taking note, that their exclusive are failing to sell decently because if they're not Killzone 2 will be the next commercial failure because unlike a game like R2 it doesnt have a large following from its last installment

Real Gambler3595d ago

Both games are close (or over) to 1 million worldwide which is truly not bad at all. But, basically, in the U.S., you have to be a Shooter, Guitar Hero, or Madden if you want to make the top 50 list, unless you're a Wii game...

kewlkat0073595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Didn't seem like R2 made the grades by many..

Sony should do better than MS with platformers since they have some well known one but LBP will continue to sell.

Yeah it could of done better but a (PRIVATE that just enlisted) it was thrown in trenches while there was a (R2 + Geow2 war) about to begin.
Well that War was over quick. LBP will continue to fight even with KZ2 around the corner.(Yes another Warzone)

What puzzles me is SOCOM, which is a Veteran. What happened? It should be a system seller, when we think about how it was on the PS2. I'm sure some were waiting to Upgrade, just as Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 but I Do know Brah.

I'm scratching my thinking a lot of Hardcores got their PS3's and these games should sell faster to that crowd first. OF course that's if a casual gamer cannot afford a PS3, that's fine but you have around 17 million or so user-base.

tatotiburon3595d ago

2008 PS3 lineup = EPIC FAIL!

3sq3595d ago

2008 Xbox360 flop line up

Infinite Undiscovery flop
The Last Remnant flop
Banjo Kazooie flop
Destroy All Humans flop
too human flop

2009 Xbox360 lineup = EPIC FAIL
oh! wait you barely have any lineup at all.


SONYSLAVE3595d ago

Most games are flooping cuz you ppl are too busy hyping up the Delaystation 3 and buying bluray movies

anime porno is booming as we speak.

Zulwarn3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

2008 Playstation 3 flop line up

Motorstorm 2 flop
Singstar flop
Socom flop
SIREN Blood Curse flop
Haze flop

2009 Playstation 3 lineup = EPIC FAIL
oh! wait you barely have any lineup at all.


Magic_The_Celt3595d ago


i will give you a £1000 if you can list all the known PS3 exlusives for 2009 and all the 360 ones and make the 360 list bigger

go on! its a £1000 man :)

razorbladelight3595d ago

Name all the ps3 games that will be in the number one spot for more than a month and I will triple your deal

AngryTypingGuy3595d ago

I think both line-ups will be just fine. Hell, except for a few exclusives per year, they're pretty much one and the same.

Two games in '09 that I'm looking forward to are the Halo and GTA expansions/DLC. I know that you Sony fanboys like to play down DLC, but in the cases of these two games, they are new campaigns with new stories and new characters. It's like getting a mini-sequel for a cheaper price. Aside from that, I can't wait for RE5, and I have high hopes for Ghostbusters.

Irishrocket693594d ago

That will be hard to do since MS has not announced them yet, wait a month or two though!

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