How Accessibility Options Have Opened Up Gaming to More People

In recent years, video games have come a long way in providing accessibility options that allow a much wider range of people to enjoy gaming.

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Gamer79144d ago

Xbox adaptive controller broke down barriers for a massive group of people

Viljong144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

These are very important every1 can suffer a stroke etc and loose ability to use other hand or anything like that and there are many gamers with disabilities who love to play again. Like my wife. Respect ms for the adaptive controller

jznrpg144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

No company needs to or should have to cater to the entire world with every product . From Software is perfectly fine with what they do . There are plenty of easy games out there like The Gunk or whatever else you can beat In a few hours without any challenge or very little challenge for those people who want it that way or need it that way .

Yui_Suzumiya143d ago

FromSoft has some of the best atmosphere and art direction than any studio out there but I just wish they'd give more options for an easier difficulty. I still plan on trying Bloodborne at some point and it'll take more than a prayer to get me through the tutorial, lol.

H9143d ago

You are mistaking accessibility and challenge, a game can be hard and accessible, there's a difference between allowing people to play games they couldn't before and adding a layer of challenge that can be conquered by anyone

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justadelusion143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Such a twitter thing to say, but no they do not need to add an easy mode.

ChubbyBlade143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

No. They shouldn’t have to compromise their vision and entire structure because you don’t want to put in the time.

The very fact people have beaten the game using the most outlandish controls such as bananas or voice control literally shows they don’t have to do anything.

Easy mode already exists. It’s called co op.

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AuraAbjure144d ago

Thousands more people are getting to enjoy video games that couldn't before :)

Gamer79143d ago

Exactly, gaming should be accessible to everyone. Shame some on here don't agree with that.

Final_Aeon142d ago

Gaming in general accessible to everyone - agreed
Every single game catered to be accessible to everyone - disagree

We're seeing great progress in terms of accessibility options, and it's something we can mainly applause. There's no need to take away creative vision from all companies by demanding every game have ALL accessibility options available.

Gamer79142d ago

@ final
Who's demanding anything. Also how does adding accessibility options affect creativity, they are completely different things.

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