News From the 90s: Nintendo Doomed

Nintendo hasn't always had it this easy, with gamers and non-gamers both extolling the virtues of their current system.

No, there was a time, way back in the 90s, when even Good Morning America seemed to have it out for the Japanese game maker. With Sega beating down their back door how was Nintendo ever to survive? Watch the video for more nail-biting questions.

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Blasphemy3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I remember those days. Now Nintendo is on top of the world and noone saw it coming.

Sega does what Nintendon't LOL.

I love the part when she says the console at $100 and games at $30 are exspensive. LOL

Gaming has come a long way.

MUGEN3598d ago

I can't wait for that 16 stereophonic sound.

ultimolu3598d ago

Now that Nintendo is doing well, it's Sony's turn to go through the crapper.

Hopefully they make it out alive.

MaximusPrime3598d ago

PS1,PS2 and PSP struggled the first 2 or 3 years and look where they are now.

Successfully selling.

PS3, although struggling the past 2 years, will no doubt succeed.
I knew PS3 will struggle and eventually succeed. and yet i bought it on release day.

GlibGamer3598d ago

As a longtime gamer, it's funny watching the same cycles happen over and over again. Atari vs Colecovision, Nintendo vs Sega, Nintendo vs Sony, Sony vs Microsoft, etc etc. Every time, a "winner" was declared by the media, and warnings of doooooom and gloom were always reported whenever the companies competed. The younger gamers haven't been exposed to this cycle, so their only point of reference is the current 3-way battle.

Much in the way I had my console of choice when I was a wee lad on the playground, younger gamers of this generation have theirs. What they need to realize is that even though they may not have the luxury of owning all the current consoles, there's room for multiple systems.

So as an older gamer who grew up around the gaming culture, I have one bit of advice: JUST ENJOY PLAYING THE GAMES! Competition breeds a better product that we, as gamers, get to enjoy!

RelloC_ReBorn3598d ago

Was more like ... Nintendo vs Sega ... then Dreamcast vs Sony ( We know who won that) Back then Nintendo even Scrapped its New system the Dophin or DD it was to be Disc Drive u added to ur 64 LOL

THis is a nice tho... im so sick of the Sony / Xbox are all doomed stories... Cuz the fact is Once a console is made... and out there No one is going to give up on it... Dream cast lived on a good long time after it was abandoned.

eagle213598d ago

peter moore worked for both. Sony and Nintendo are the KINGS.