God of War on PC Runs at 57FPS With AMD FSR on 4K

According to a new demo reel from AMD showing off their technology, God of War on PC was shown running at 57FPS at 4K with AMD FSR.

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XbladeTeddy153d ago

57? Na I want 61FPS at least.

_SilverHawk_153d ago

I cant wait to play this on my pc with my 3090

XbladeTeddy152d ago

It will run nice on Nvidia cards as its got DLSS support. But doubt your 3090 needs that anyway as its a beast.

annoyedgamer152d ago

You dont need a 3090 to play this. A 3060 is more than enough to max it out at 1080, maybe even 1440.

FanboysKiller152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

The high end nvidia cards are made to live a little longer before they became obsolete , except that it's a fake life cycle that ends by newer more demanding games on purpose.

Yui_Suzumiya152d ago

69.2.8 You Can (Not) Survive would be the minimum for me 🤣

TheEroica152d ago

I cannot wait to play this on steam deck.

Eonjay153d ago

This single frame during a cutscene running at 57FPS tells us absolutely nothing about what to expect from FSR in this title.

This doesn't qualify as an article because there is no story here. Nothing

dmxsta153d ago

Maybe they weren't allow to show gameplay and that's why there's a little disclaimer that says FSR isn't shown in the above footage? It's still a valid source, they put up their testing numbers and details, as such it is still a valid news since they're advertising the benefit of fsr on their official YouTube channel.

Eonjay152d ago

They say the frame was taken from a promotional video.

Tapani153d ago

What crappy advertisement by AMD! If that's an indication of the performance, not going to double dip on this.

Let's see: 6800XT vs PS5. 2.5ghz vs 2.2ghz, 72 CUs vs 36 CUs, 16GB vs 12GB Vram. PS5 runs 1080-1620p upscaled to 4K at medium details 60fps almost flawlessly. Meaning 120fps+ at same resolutions and detail at the very minimum for 6800xt if optimized correctly. 6800xt should run this natively at 4K 60-90fps ultra quality.

If God of War PC truly performs at 1620p ultra detail under 60fps, I'm out. I have a 6900xt, and could get 4K60 experience with FSR at the state the game has based on the marketing materials, but as a statement from my side I will not buy the PC version until it's optimized better.

As always, buy the more optimized version of the game 3-9 months after launch at half the price and you'll get your money's worth.

RaidenBlack153d ago

The port is being done by Iron Galaxy as far I can recall. The team behind the infamous Arkham Knight PC port.
Not Nixxies. So ...
Strange to see it averaging out 57fps @ 4K on a 6800XT even when utilizing FSR. Not good.
Kinda funny we also laughed when GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was announced with DLSS. Now we know why.

RaidenBlack153d ago

Ok ... made a mistake. [Damn, edit button.]
The Uncharted 4 PC port is being handled by Iron Galaxy. Oh boy.
And apparently, Sony has outsourced the development of God of War PC to a Vancouver-based port house Jetpack Interactive. Responsible for the infamously buggy & underwhelming Dark Souls PC port.

Tapani153d ago

Oh dear... They need Nixxes to do these ports. Maybe they will fix both Uncharted and God of War in the next 12 months. Horizon took 18 months to get where it should have been at launch. Regardless, not going to touch GoW or Uncharted collection even if they ran at 4K60 just about using FSR UQ, because I don't want my GPU at 99% utilization at all times if it really should be at 50% running these old games at half the wattage it should require.

AuraAbjure152d ago

The target for this year and next year and probably several years after that is 4k @ 60 FPS. Anything higher than that is over achieving.

Guyfamily999152d ago

The PS5 "version" of the game (which actually is just the PS4 Pro version running in back compat, so it can't really tap into the full potential of the system) doesn't actually use dynamic res, it's actually running at checkerboard 4K resolution, locked 60fps. So in terms of native pixels rendered, that's extremely similar to 1620p which is what FSR Ultra Quality is at. So image quality and performance will be very similar but the PS5 is doing it with half the power. This is a VERY unoptimized PC port.

Tapani152d ago

Correct. Exactly my point earlier.

Babadook7152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

"6800XT vs PS5. 2.5ghz vs 2.2ghz"

Nope. PS5 has the higher frequency.

Tapani152d ago

Factually incorrect. Check your facts please.

Babadook7152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I checked.

Boost Frequency
- Up to 2250 MHz
Game Frequency
- 2015 MHz

You are Factually incorrect.

Tapani151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Here's a 6800XT that goes up to 2.7ghz, I put 2.5ghz there because it's between the real-world clocks and OC clocks. Here's some footage between 2.35ghz-2.7ghz for you:

PS5 absolute max boost clock is: 2.23GHz. But it rarely goes there, whereas a normal AIB 6800xt you buy from the store goes between 2.35-2.5ghz, and if you OC it heavily it can go to 2.7-2.8ghz.

Use real world tests, you need to validate your claims, a website's numbers are not enough. We can have the same argument and put PS5 at 2.0ghz and 6800xt at 2.35ghz if you want the stock averages, but both boost much higher if pushed.

Babadook7151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

-- "Here's a 6800XT that goes up to"

That is a red herring; Where in the article / video does it mention OC is used to hit 57fps??

Stop being a butthurt PC fanboy. You are factually incorrect.

-- "PS5 absolute max boost clock is: 2.23GHz. But it rarely goes there"

False. PS5 is not thermally throttled and is "Continually run in boost" unlike the 6800XT.

Tapani150d ago

Couple of points:

1) Check Mark Cerny's presentation, he said himself PS5 is based on variable frequency. Look at the curves, they go up and down on that presentation slide. The CPU boost is also affected by the GPU and vice versa, it is a very dynamic set up. Surely it continuously boosts, but no iGPU with less thermal headroom and having smaller power budget, such as a PS5 iGPU vs desktop part, can be constantly at exactly 2225mhz at all times in all games. It just doesn't work like that. Nor should it even aim to do that so that it gives more headroom for CPU when required.

As per my link shows, 6800XT boosts higher even with more CUs in stock, past the website specs. Some AIB cards boost to 2550-2700mhz without the user manually tuning them. Go back to the link I posted and look at the ghz on the left upper hand side corner for the reference 6800xt in both stock and OC modes. AIB cards boost higher than reference due to better cooling.

2) Not a fan of anything, nor a boy, I'm 40, and my family has eight consoles and one PC, and we play on all platforms. I just like tech overall.

3) The topic was not about OC regarding GoW and that advertised FPS under FSR, so I'm not sure what you are referring to here. It was about the actual specs of two GPUs. The specs show that in optimized and patched games the PS5 and 6800xt scale linearly. Typically the PS5 is about 50% of 6800XT's speed (half the Tflops/CUs etc.), and around AIB 5700XT/6700XT PC desktop equivalent level in general (or between RTX 2060-RTX2070S), depending on the title and settings. Why is this a bad thing? I think the PS5 is great for what it is. An beautifully designed as well.

4) My butt is hurting because I get hemorrhoids from spicy food, not because of your comments. I'm not sure why your comments would penetrate my rectum, is that something you are aiming at?

Babadook7149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Whatever dude. I think we both know you dodged the point here which was about what the clock rate difference is between PS5 and a 6800XT. And more specifically whether OC (and in your link - technically a different sku) was on topic or not. Clearly it was not as AMD wouldn't show that. Have a good one.

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Viljong152d ago

Who cares ragnarok is coming!

AuraAbjure152d ago

That's fantastic! Just 3 more frames and we're golden!

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