Support The Child's Play Charity This Christmas

Dana Olson of writes: "Take a minute to stop and think about our passion that is gaming. Now think of all the young kids out there in hospitals around the world, sick or dying. If I were a kid in that situation, I'd be pretty happy to have access to games. supports the endeavors of the Child's Play Charity, and have made a small donation to this fund (specifically the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto).

We encourage you to do the same, if you are blessed with the financial ability to do so. Visit the Child's Play Charity site to choose where you wish to make a donation. You buy products on their Amazon wishlist and they are shipped directly to the hospital of your choosing.

Especially at this time of year, these children could do with some cheer and goodwill. The fine folks at Penny Arcade who organized this deserve some commendation.

Update: Just some additional notes.

* Shipping is free on orders over $25 if you're ordering items on, or $39 if you're ordering on
* If you order in, and your order is more than $40, you can use the code MAPNEWNCSAVE to get a $10 discount. This saves you money, and you could therefore potentially order more stuff for the children.
* You can alternately donate to the charity itself via PayPal"

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Keele3596d ago

Nobody here is going to support Child's Play because this website is filled with greedy PSPricks.