Gran Turismo Turns 24 Years Old Today

The very first game in the Gran Turismo series launched 24 years ago today, on December 23 1997, sparking a series that has gone on to sell over 85 million copies.

While players outside Japan had to wait a little longer for their first taste of Gran Turismo — until May 1998 — the game launched to its domestic market first. It came from a slightly unexpected place too, with Polys Entertainment, as it was then called, only previously responsible for cartoony racer Motor Toon Grand Prix and its sequel.

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waverider156d ago

Damn, 24 years! PD was able to create a huge franchise across many generations. Great job.

GaboonViper156d ago

Happy birthday GT, even though i am not really into racing games anymore i still remembering getting this day one and being blown away by the realism and customization, i would love taking a weak car and souping it up big time, really hoping gt7 is gonna be great.

ApocalypseShadow156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Would be nice turning 24...again. Lol. Oh wait I have plus 2. Hope to turn another 24 in the year 2043.

Excellent franchise. From kiddy game of Motor Toon to a behemoth, console driving simulator that's recognized by gamers, car companies and racing associations. Expanded car culture and created real race car drivers.

Good job Polyphony.

darthv72155d ago

Never played motortoon but I do like omega boost. I know they are predominantly known for GT but I cant help wish they'd take a crack at a OB sequel after all these years.

CDbiggen155d ago

One of the first PS1 games we had. Loved watching my dad play this, especially on the 80 lap races.

xfire155d ago

Absolutely timeless classic. I remember buying it plus the original DualShock together!

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The story is too old to be commented.