The Matrix Resurrections features an actual The Game Awards trophy

The Matrix Resurrections features an actual The Game Awards trophy Easter egg. Fans of the awards show organized by Geoff Keighley will know the reference.

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sourOG408d ago

Awful movie. I was bummed.

KingofBandits408d ago (Edited 408d ago )

yup right there with you. movie was a 4/10 for me. It was basically a parody of the first, wrapped in cheap slow mo cartwheels. A literal shell of its former self.

sourOG408d ago

Exactly. “Awful” might be too much but in comparison it’s not.

Lord_Sloth407d ago

Maybe it's just me but a Matrix movie with poor choreography just isn't worth much. I didn't HATE this movie but it certainly failed to deliver on almost every level.

dumahim407d ago


I don't think the choreography was the problem. More in the way it was shot.

generic-user-name408d ago

I'm shocked you have more disagrees than agrees right now, movie was garbage and makes Reloaded and Revolutions look like masterpieces.

sourOG407d ago

People downvote me because they don’t like me, it has nothing to do with what I say lol.

CobraKai407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

I had low expectations, but the movie failed to meet it on all levels. And I genuinely loved the Matrix sequels. Resurrection is a 0/10. Long winded, highly predictable, lacking style, and characters that I just can’t give a crap about.

sourOG407d ago

I have to agree. I think it had an ok foundation and there were a few good ideas but they never panned out. They could have gone a couple directions that would have been a mindf*ck but they chose none of them. Every arc and side story were just half assed and never finished. I’d love to talk about what it could have been but I don’t want to post details just overall thoughts.

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gintoki777408d ago

Awesome movie. I was pumped.

JackBNimble408d ago

You must be referring to the 1st movie because resurrections is a franchise killer

Tacoboto407d ago

I liked it more than I thought I would given the reviews. I'm not sure that it would've been any better had they gone in any other direction but indulge in the meta

dumahim407d ago

I'd be curious to see how things would have played out if they stuck with the whole "Brilliant game designer is dealing with mental health issues" as the big twist for the movie.

dumahim407d ago

I enjoyed it for the most part, but the fight scenes were not shot very well, which was pretty disappointing since it seemed like there was some neat stuff going on.

Latex74408d ago

I thought this was far better than expected ive seen a lot worse I can tell you so it's not as good as the rest

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